Cody (male) is one of 9 puppies born to Momma Seeley after she came into Rescue.
A Better English Setter Rescue
Sweet markings (white mittens) and likes to cuddle!
Born on September 5th, 2017 and
is available for adoption after October 31, 2017.
These cuties were born on September 4th and they are ready to be adopted!!! We have 7 happy,
healthy babies – 5 boys and 2 girls – ready to wiggle their way into your heart. We have 3 pups
(2 boys and 1 girl) with longish fur and the other 4 pups (3 boys and 1 girl) that are short
haired. At this point in their lives they are full of puppy energy with intermittent periods of rest
in between. They do sleep through the night and are being crated trained – they are not house
broken, but they are being trained to potty pads at this time. We are currently working on no
biting and learning the word NO – not their favorite lessons. They all have their first set of shots
and they are on heartworm meds as well as flea/tick prevention.
Cody cracks me up. He LOVES to watch TV and will
sit and watch, cocking his head from side to side.
Cody has some cute markings on him. He is super
sweet and loves to cuddle and smooch, but he can’t
resist if someone wants to play chase.
Pupdate: As the pups are getting adopted, the dynamics of the remaining pups are changing. Cody does
still enjoy watching TV, if something catches his attention, but he also enjoys playing with his siblings
or simply relaxing on the couch with a rawhide or toy. Poor Cody still continues to look worried, but we
find his wrinkles adorable. Cody is doing well with the verbal commands that we use such as No, Stop,
Down and Good Boy.

Cody continues to be an affectionate little boy. He enjoys ear rubs and back scratches and is happy to
show his appreciation with puppy kisses. As his siblings are getting adopted, he continues to relax and
adjust with the remaining crew. I have changed my original opinion of Cody, not because he was
rambunctious or pushy, but because he was more of a follower and THAT caused him to get a little
rough with the others. Now that he has grown and matured a little, he is more likely to observe first and
make better decisions on how he plays. Cody is hoping for a forever home this New Year!!!
Sweet, sweet, sweet! That is the general consensus people
have about this litter of pups. From the people that have
helped with transports to the adopters, I have had nothing
but positive comments on this litter. With that being said,
Cody is still available, and he is the only remaining pup out
of this litter of sweet babies.
Cody is a 4 month old English Setter mix that weighs 37
pounds,  is current on all his vaccines, heart worm, flea/tick,
and is an overall healthy little guy. Cody currently lives in his
foster home with 5 other resident dogs. Whereas he is a
young and energetic pup, he is very respectful of his foster
siblings. The combination of being a fast learner and his
desire to please, Cody is quick to comply with their warning
signals. I use the term energetic puppy because puppies do
have spurts of energy followed by a nap. Cody is not a high
energy pup, he does not go non-stop all day. Cody does
enjoy stretching his legs and running, but he also enjoys his
down time where he can play with a toy, chew on a bone or
lie in your lap for some cuddles and kisses.
The other pups from this litter have gone to homes with
young children, other dogs, cats or, they were going to be an
only dog. Each pup adjusted very easily in their new
environment and continue to thrive according to the updates
that I receive. My feelings are that Cody will adjust to any
environment just as easily as his siblings.

If you are interested in adopting sweet Cody, please fill out
an application. This little guy is eager to get his own family!!
Cody transports to his FURever home. Yay!