Hopper/Danny Boy
Hopper (male) is one of 9 puppies born to Momma Seeley after she came into Rescue.
A Better English Setter Rescue
Most joyful. Loves to gallop about and jump in the air!
Born on September 5th, 2017 and
is available for adoption after October 31, 2017.
These cuties were born on September 4th and they are ready to be adopted!!! We have 7 happy,
healthy babies – 5 boys and 2 girls – ready to wiggle their way into your heart. We have 3 pups
(2 boys and 1 girl) with longish fur and the other 4 pups (3 boys and 1 girl) that are short
haired. At this point in their lives they are full of puppy energy with intermittent periods of rest
in between. They do sleep through the night and are being crated trained – they are not house
broken, but they are being trained to potty pads at this time. We are currently working on no
biting and learning the word NO – not their favorite lessons. They all have their first set of shots
and they are on heartworm meds as well as flea/tick prevention.
These kiddos are your typical young pups so
please keep these things in mind when
considering. Puppies have sharp teeth that hurt
and can rip clothing, they also have sharp nails
that can leave scratch marks. These actions are
not intentional on their part, it is just part of
being a puppy!

As a group these pups play hard and rough, but
one on one they settle nicely and enjoy being
loved on. In return they will lavish you with
sweet puppy kisses.

Let me introduce Towser, Hopper, Cody, Dasher,
Mika, Sunni and Sugar. Please note that the pups
are at an age where their personalities change
almost on a daily basis, but this is where they are
this week.
Hopper is kind of his own man. He tends to strut
around and let his presence be known. He is probably
the most active and most vocal. He too will come to us
for some one on one time and enjoy a back scratch
and loving. Hopper also gives good thank you kisses.
Pupdate: As the pups are getting adopted, the dynamics of the remaining pups are changing.
Hopper has probably changed the most. Over the last few weeks, Hopper has transformed into the
sweetest, cuddliest little boy! He no longer struts around like he owns the place, instead he prefers
to come to us for some snuggle time and kisses. Yes, he still plays with his siblings and enjoys
chasing after them, but he has also discovered the joy of an ear rub or taking some down time to
chew on a rawhide.

Hopper just keeps getting cuter and cuter. His feathers are starting to show on his legs and his ears
are getting fluffier by the day. He is ADORABLE!! Hopper is also doing very well with understanding
the verbal commands that we give him such as No, Stop, Down, Good Boy and he does come when
we call his name. My opinion of this boy has changed drastically. Upon arrival, I was going to be
very selective in placing him due to his rambunctious and pushy personality. However, since he has
shown me that he is calming and becoming more mature I would feel comfortable placing him in
almost any home.
Hopper transports to his FURever home! Yipee!!