Sheeba at the sheter.
A Better English Setter Rescue
Sheeba's freedom ride, her freinds at the shelter
started her on her way.
Sheeba is approximately 8 months old.
She is a super sweet girl, and she is gorgeous!
Sheeba is still a puppy so please understand her desire
to chew as well as some typical puppy antics.  
Sheeba has plenty of chew toys at her foster home to satisfy that
desire to chew as well as young children to assist in burning off
extra energy. She absolutely LOVES children and play time, but like
many setters, she can be mellow inside the house.
Upon arriving into the rescue, it was discovered that Sheeba had a
broken rear leg and hip. We will never know what caused this severe
injury at such a young age, but we knew she needed our help.  
Sheeba had a surgical procedure called FHO (femoral head ostectomy)
where they remove the head and neck of the femur to save the hip/leg.
She is still working on using that leg again and may need some
additional help from her adopter and her new vet.
We can’t tell what her future will bring, but it is also possible that she
might need medicine for pain or arthritis as she gets older.
Sheeba is a very sweet girl and someone will be very lucky to adopt her!    
There are no other dogs in Sheeba’s current foster home, but her
foster mom thinks she would get along well with other laid-back dogs.
Sheeba has never been around cats so we are unsure of how she
would be around cats. Some type of fencing would be ideal for Sheeba
but the foster parent will consider applications without fences as well.
If you are interested in adopting Sheeba please fill out an application.