Sparkles at the shelter
A Better English Setter Rescue
Freedom rider, go Sparkles.
A smile a toy and a wag or two!!
Pepper (f.k.a Sparkles)  is a very sweet, intelligent and lovable dog.
Tiny and estimated at 1 year, maybe slightly younger.  
She does like being around her humans.

Pepper has had zero accidents in the house.
She is taken outside frequently as she is still young.

Foster parents feel a home with other dogs tolerant of a very active
puppy would be okay. They have two 10 year old English Springer
Spaniels.  One has no interest in engaging in play with any other dogs.  
The other will play when Pepper initiates and play tug of war with toys.
The latter of the two will let her know when he's had enough.
Pepper has been introduced to other dogs in the neighborhood
inside of the yard with no issues.

Also, a home with cats would be okay.  Of course, it has only been a
week since she has been around the 3 resident cats. She still needs to
be reminded not to chase, but for the most part will leave them alone.  
They have voiced their dislike when she is too close. Using her name or
the command "leave it," works to remind her not to get too close, along
with the occasional swat from a cat.
Pepper is being crated when her foster parents are not at home and at
night as the cats have free run of the house.  Crating during the night is
in the fosters' bedroom, while, when they are away she is in a crate in
the living room next to another dog occupied crate.

The foster home does have a 2 1/2 year old toddler who temporarily
resides there.   Potential adopters need to understand that Pepper is
highly active and does not understand her boundaries. The toddler is
always supervised when around Pepper and as with any toddler, needs
to be reminded not to run or become too excited around Pepper as she
will jump, run after and try to engage in play, which can also include
nipping.  After all, Pepper is still in her puppy stage.  Please note the
toddler is not accustomed to being around a puppy so it is a learning
experience for her as well.
Along with her name, Pepper is learning commands such as, 'drop' when
she returns balls when playing fetch or when she has something she
shouldn't have, such as shoes; to 'sit', in general, or when given treats
and to take them 'nice'.  'Leave it' is another command being worked on.
Using a spray bottle with water deters bad behavior.

As puppies with no training will sometimes do, she can nip to get
attention.  She walks ahead on the leash; however, when prompted, she
will walk closer to her human. She does not pull. This is an area which
can continue to be worked on.

Pepper will benefit from a forever home that has a fenced back yard,
will take the time to work with her on commands, exercise (walks and
stimulated play) and being taken to obedience classes.
If you are looking for a young, sweet and still needing
guidance pup, Pepper could be the girl for you!
Pepper in her new home
and meeting her new brother Jack.