A Better English Setter Rescue
Tinkerbell at in-take and on transport to her foster home.
Tinkerbell (aka Tink) is a seven-month old, 24-lb bundle of pocket-
Setter love.  (Rescued from a shelter in Missouri after her family
moved and couldn’t take her with them, she’s been with a foster
family since Memorial Day weekend.)  She is a pretty much THE
perfect dog.  Truly.  A "gem" I believe one of the transporters
called her. She's the calmest, sweetest, lovable and most "chill"
dog I’ve seen in a long time.
When I let her outside, she stays by my side. I have to walk out in
the yard and wait for her to take care of business. No accidents in
the house in the month I’ve had her! If I sit in the grass, she sits
down against my back or leg. She's very affectionate. She just
wants to be loved. She’ll sit in your lap the minute you sit on floor
with her. I’ve nearly tripped over her in kitchen because I didn’t
see her beside me when cooking.
When I walk her, all the neighbors comment on her beauty. My 12-
year old nephew came over and we walked her and Chester Boone.
She's great with kids, dogs and cats (which she ignores, having
spent a weekend with neighbor who has one).

While Tink is an English Setter mix, she's not like most of the
English Setters I've seen through A Better English Setter. She
doesn't bark (much), unless my other dog Chester barks. She looks
at cats in neighborhood on walks but doesn't pull towards them.
She will look up at airplanes and watches everything around her,
but she doesn’t pursue. She doesn't pull on the leash, and because
she's still a puppy, she's still rather uncoordinated (don't have to
worry about her climbing over fences). Truthfully, I don’t ever see
that being an issue with her.
She tried to pull an Alpha move with her chew toy when Chester
first came over to her, but that was a one-time only action. They
now both play and chew on same toys (picture attached). After
spending weekend with neighbor who has a 12-year Brittany
Spaniel, Tinkerbell pulled Alpha move on him and scared older dog
enough that he stayed away from her the rest of the weekend.
She’d do best with a younger dog who will play with her.
She's still at stage where she's chewing in things so put prized possessions (and
socks) away!  She can "Sit” and "Stay". Because I have another dog, she’s been
taught to “Wait” for her food until I say “Go Ahead.” She knows which bowl is hers,
and which one is Chester’s bowl. A neighbor friend got her to start chasing Frisbees,
with some degree of success – and she will chase a tennis ball and bring it back to
you. She would be great for any kid who wants a dog to play with outside and at the

She is one of those dogs that wants to stay by your side, who will always be there for
you. She's a love. A gift.
Tink transports HOME!