A Better English Setter Rescue
As a typical young pup, Whopper has boundless energy and loves to
spend lots of time running in the yard. He also LOVES playing with
his fur siblings. They are a group of young dogs and enjoy many
chasing games, tug-of-war, and ball throws. Even though Whopper at
50# is the largest of the group, he plays nicely with all the dogs.
He is even very kind to his small senior fur sibling that barks at him at
times in a very unkind manner. He just ignores him and moves along.
He is happiest when he also has his humans in the yard and will keep
you company for any playtime or yard work. He is a VERY social dog!

Whopper is a happy go lucky guy that loves everyone, and it seems
like his tail is always wagging. When he gets excited he will at times
jump up, but it’s rare. We are told that he likes cats but we don’t have
any at our house.
An enclosed yard of some type is important for Whopper. He was
quickly trained to our invisible fence and has never challenged the
boundaries. If he gets close a simple, “careful” will cause him to move
away from the line. He is very smart and quickly learned to look for
the flags to help him establish the border.

While spending time outside is important to Whopper he does enjoy
time in the house. He will quickly jump on the sofa and ask for a good
belly rub. When he isn’t playing with a fur sibling he will lay down and
chew on a bone or toy. Whopper loves to be petted and sticks fairly
close to you in the house and will even try to get on your lap if you let
him! He certainly loves to be on the giving and receiving end of kisses.
This adorable guy is Whopper. He is 9 months old who, along with his 10 litter mates,
was rescued from KY. We aren’t sure what he’s mixed with, but he is adorable and sure
to steal your heart. One thing we DO know is that he is an extra special dog!
Whopper is housetrained and has never had an accident.
He enjoys chewing on a good bone but isn’t a chewer. He knows to sit and
come (with some selective hearing) but needs to work on his
other commands.

He learns very quickly and with a treat has shown that he will work hard to
learn something new. He isn’t a leash puller but could use a bit more
refinement. He is crate trained and walks into it without a fuss for a quick
nap or at bedtime.
If you have an active home and are looking for a loving, energetic dog,
Whopper may just be your guy!!!
Whopper's freedom ride to his foster home!