10-12 week old Wrigley (male) is new to Rescue! Welcome
A Better English Setter Rescue
Wrigley's freedom ride to his foster home!
This adorable guy is Wrigley. He is a 3
month old who, along with his 10 litter
mates, was rescued from KY. We
aren't sure what he's mixed with, but
he is adorable and sure to steal your
heart. One thing we DO know is that
he is an extra special puppy!

While all puppies are super cute,
Wrigley is truly a stand out. He loves
to be held and also loves to be on the
giving and receiving end of kisses. He
enjoys playing with his humans and
fur brother. Wrigley and his fur
brother have become great friends.
Though he is smaller and younger he
does his best to keep up, and does a
very good job. He enjoys a good
tug-of-war or playing with a favorite

Wrigley is almost house-trained and
knows to run to the door the minute
he gets out of his crate. He likes his
crate and sleeps at least 10 hours at
night with no accidents. We keep the
crate door open during the day and he
enjoys going inside and taking naps.

What we find really special about
Wrigley is what a big voice he has for
such a tiny dog. While we love it, we
feel he wouldn't be a good fit for those
that live in an apartment. Wrigley
loves children, dogs and craves the
attention of his humans. He loves
everyone he meets and will make
someone a very loving and playful