A Better English Setter Rescue
Morgan on transport and arriving at his foster home
Morgan is the only dog I have had that actually watches
television.  Not just notices it, watches it!  He spends as long
as 20 minutes watching the screen.

Morgan does not generally climb things, but we are working
on his counter-surfing. Since he is a tall boy, he has a long
reach, but with a shake of a can partially filled with pennies,
he will stop the unwanted behavior.

Morgan is gentle but energetic and he loves to spend hours
playing with my other dog. He has never bitten, but
sometimes he will sneak in a nip while playing. Morgan
would probably do best in a home with another dog. He also
loves to play with children and is good with seniors.
Morgan is a big eater, probably a result of being emaciated
at the time he was rescued. He has been changed to a
grain-free food as his skin seems to be a little sensitive so
attention should be paid to what he is fed to see if it has
any impact on his skin.  He is being taught to sit for treats
and respect the one-at-a-time rule. This boy loves to chew
on his Kong bones!

Morgan is crated for up to five hours at a time and he is fine
being crated as long as a treat is thrown in for him to settle
down with.
Morgan is an approximately one year old cute setter mix.
He came to us housebroken and well socialized so at some
point he had someone that cared for him. Morgan is a very
observant dog and a good watch dog as he notices things
that other dogs do not.  When he began growling one
night, I realized that when the heat came on, it turned the
ceiling fan above the grate every so slightly.  Morgan was
taking no chances that the moving fan wasn't trouble so he
gave it fair warning!
Morgan is a typical setter boy, in that he absolutely loves to
be cuddled and kissed. Morgan loves, LOVES to play. He is a
really great dog that can’t help that he is going thru his
“teenage” years. Without a doubt, once he is mature, he
will be a wonderful addition to any family.
Libby and Morgan are siblings, but they
do not need to be adopted together.
Morgan's Shelter Picture