10-month old Wyatt is new to Rescue! Welcome Wyatt!
A Better English Setter Rescue
Watch for more on Wyatt coming soon.  
Wyatt, with his sister Palyn,
at in-take.
Wyatt, with his sister Palyn,
transports to his foster home.
Wyatt, with his sister Palyn,
settle into their foster home.
Morgan and Libby are typical adolescents and are still into
stealing and tearing up whatever they can get. Both do well
in day care. They are not walked daily on leash, but when
they walk from the car to day care on leash they do very
well. Libby plays with the little dogs and she plays gently
with them, but Morgan tends to hang with the people until
he gets to know the other dogs. When Libby and Morgan
play together, they tend to play rough with a lot of growling
and snarling taking place. Libby tends to be a food guarder,
so the dogs are fed in separate places in the house. Both
Morgan and Libby are big eaters, probably a result of being
emaciated at the time they were rescued. They are being
taught to sit for treats and respect the one-at-a-time rule.
Morgan is a counter-surfer and since he is very tall, he has
a long reach. Morgan is a typical setter boy, in that he
absolutely loves to be cuddled and kissed and has become
very foster Mommy-centered. Morgan is the more vocal of
the two and he loves, LOVES to play. He has never bitten,
but sometimes he will sneak in a nip while playing. Morgan,
more than his sister Libby, needs to be in a home with
another dog.
These are really great dogs that can’t help that they are
going thru their “teenage” years. Without a doubt, once
they mature, they will be a wonderful addition to any family.
Meet Morgan and Libby, otherwise known as the twins.
They are approximately one year old English Setter mixes.
Morgan is a male and has a large black spot near the base
of his tail, Libby a female and she is the smaller of the two.
They came to us housebroken and well socialized with
people, so at some point they had someone who cared for
them. Both are crate trained, but only spend a few hours at
a time in their crates.
They can be adopted together or
separately as both are very other-dog oriented and need to
be with another dog in their new home
. Both dogs are very
good with both the elderly and the very young, but as they
like to jump, neither of them should be in a home where
young children or disabled elderly live.