A Better English Setter Rescue
Zara a very sweet girl from Turkey, she is 1-1.5 years old.
She was found in the forest near a highway and taken to safety.
She is healthy and is adjusting nicely in the house and following the routine.
She is learning to play with the resident dog Cooper and they are getting along well.
Zara with her traveling mate Aura at the airport in Turkey.
Zara and Aura arriving in the USA
on the way to their foster homes.
Zara off the streets and safe
with her Turkish rescuers.
Zara and Aura flew in from Turkey to JFK, a foster family who
lives on Long Island, picked them up.  
They had offered to foster one of the dogs and temp foster the
Cooper their beagle mix bonded almost immediately with Zara
and such a sweet sight that was to see.  
Zara has found her home with them.