A Better English Setter Rescue
NAME:  Adley
BREED: English Setter
AGE:     9 years
SEX:     Male
Weight: 42 lbs
Location: MA
A volunteer was driving and found this old man lying in the middle of a country road.
She thought he'd been hit by a car. He was skin and bones, covered in fleas and smelled.
They headed right to the Vet where they found out that this poor boy only weighed 32 lbs.
After recovering a bit at his rescuers home and gaining a few of pounds and getting bath at the groomers,
Adley was on his way to his foster home.
Adley's arrived at his foster home and is settling in.
There is no better snuggler than Adley.  Adley is a 9 year old, neutered male.
He has the softest, fluffiest fur and big brown eyes.
This incredibly handsome guy wants to spend his retirement years
relaxing with his humans. He is often found flopped on his back, waiting for
someone to rub his belly or looking for the coziest place to take a nap.  
He does sleep a good portion of the day.
He is a great (although quite messy) eater and is house trained,
but he does need to go out to pee sometimes during the overnight.  
He marked a little when he first got here, but no accidents of any kind since
then. He is super sweet and has never shown any signs of aggression.
He is very well behaved and does not chew or destroy anything around the
house.  He quickly earned the right to be free when we are gone.
He loves chewing on Kongs filled with cream cheese or peanut butter and he
loves to sit outside and stare into the woods.
He shares his home with a 9 year old girl and a bird.  
He loves the 9 year old and has shown very little interest in the bird.
He is up to date on all vaccines + flea/tick and heartworm preventative.
Adley came into rescue after being found collapsed in the middle of
the road.  He was skinny and had some trouble walking.
By the time he came here, he had already gained a few pounds but
had a significant limp and did not like for the lower half of his body to
be touched. After some x-rays it was found that Adley was suffering
from some badly healed injuries.  He had a previously broken hip and
leg and severe arthritis in his hip and spine.  He also has severe
spondylosis of his thoracic and lumbar spine.

He will need to be on pain meds and restricted activity for life.
We took him down the street walking slowly, maybe 8 houses and
back, but that seemed to be too much for him.

In addition, Adley has an issue with his breathing where he often
makes snuffle/sneezing sounds and often sounds like he is snoring
while he is awake.  The vet did not see any obvious causes for this so
there is no follow up needed at this time.  He also has the expected
dental issues and random lumps and bumps like many seniors. One
last medical concern for Adley is his enlarged anal glands –they have
already been drained once. This contributes to his back end looking
like it is on the verge of a prolapse.  
The vet explained this is also probably due in part to nerve damage in
his back that limits his control of those muscles.  
It also causes him to stink a little bit more than your typical senior.

                  But his charm more than makes up for it!!
Despite the pain he lives with and his other medical issues,
Adley’s tail never ever stops wagging.  
He is the sweetest, happiest guy.
Adley was found lying in the middle of the road. He was skin and bones, covered
in fleas and smelled like roadkill. Thankfully, a kind passerby picked him up and
brought him to safety.

Adley came to A Better English Setter Rescue in early March and found his way
into a loving foster home. Upon arriving at his foster home he received x-rays to
reveal some poorly healed bones as well as an ongoing issue with his hind end.
Adley then had a CT scan with many thanks to all those who donated towards his
care. His issues were determined to be caused by nerve damage from his prior
untreated broken bones.

Despite the pain he lives with and his other medical issues, Adley's tail never
ever stops wagging. He is the sweetest, happiest guy. Due to his ongoing medical
issues Adley will not be adopted out but will be staying in the care and loving
arms of his foster family with help and medical support from this rescue.

While we will never know what his life was like before rescue, we sure do know
how we want his life to be from now on.  
Adley would like to give thanks and a big
sloppy Setter kiss to all those who have helped
him on his journey.