To All Applicants and Foster Home Applicants
When an application is submitted, you will receive a phone call for an initial interview.  The next step
is to check your references and then a home visit will be scheduled.

No one can speak for any dog until they are approved and spoken with the foster home.  Both foster
home and applicant must agree to the adoption. Our foster homes know the dogs and their needs
best, therefore have the final decision as to who adopts their foster.

We do NOT hold dogs for anyone. We have had people who were disappointed that they did not get
the dog they initially applied for, but the ones who hung in there with us would not change a thing
now that they have their ABESR Dog.
You must be at least 18 years old to apply to adopt an ABESR Setter.
Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
Signature is implied and assumed on e-mail & online Adoption Applications.
The fee for adoption is $325 for dogs one year of age or older.  The fee is $375 for puppies up to one
year old.  The adoption fee for Special Needs dogs is considered on a case-by-case basis. The fee for
Senior dogs age 7 and older is on a sliding scale, starting at $175.00 through our Patti's Seniors 4
Seniors Program. We have made every attempt to keep our adoption fees low, despite the rising
costs associated with spaying and neutering, immunizations and other routine care.  In some
instances, our adoption fee doesn't come close to the medical costs associated before an adoption
takes place.  We do feel however, that our adoption fee is still less than if the adopter had to pay
these expenses out of their pocket.  Also remember we include the first year of complete pet
recovery protection for your dog with your adoption fee through Sparky Tags. If your dog is
microchipped you MUST update that information as soon as possible.  If you opt to pay the adoption
fee by PayPal, make your payment to PayPal account and include an
additional $10 PayPal processing fee.
Options for Submitting an Application:

1. To request an application via email, send request to

2. Download application by clicking "Download Application" below &
send to

Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon!
Instructions for Submitting an Application:

- Download the Application Form
- Save the Application on your computer
- Open and Complete the Application Form
- Save the Application again on your computer
- Attach the completed Application to an email

- Send to: