A Better English Setter Rescue
Autumn at the Shelter
Autumn is loaded and ready for her trip to her foster home.
Autumn at her overnight Bed and Biscuit.
Autumn was the perfect co-pilot on the
way to her  foster home.  
Hi there! My name is Autumn - let me tell you a little about myself. I am a
stunning liver and white girl and I weigh approximately 51 pounds.
I lived in a kennel for 9 years and my main purpose there was to have

Finally, I turned 9 and my previous owner said I was to old and dumped
me at a shelter. Whaaaat? That place was full of barking dogs in wire

One day someone came and took me out of the Shelter. After a couple of
days, I was loaded into a car and I was off on a new adventure. I slept
through most of it, but every couple of hours I got a new driver and a
new car. I slept some more overnight, and then I did it all over again the
next day. Everyone in the cars put their hands on me and I liked it! It felt
so good to have loving human hands touching my body. The drivers of
the last car really loved me up.
I finally made it to my foster home and at this home, I learned a LOT
about human touch, and KISSES!  This is where I figured out that my
name is Autumn! I also discovered that kibble really IS food, and now I’
m WILD for it! Then I had another new experience called a bath. Yuck!
I never had one of those before.  After the bath, everyone wanted to
touch me and commented about how soft I felt. I also had to learn how
to behave in a house. Apparently, I am not supposed to pee or poop in
the house.  I learned that rule in a little over a week and have been good
about it ever since.
So here is the thing: I’m looking for a forever home. I want a home that
I don’t have to share with any other dogs. Now that I know about
human touch and love and good food, I want it all for myself. I don’t
want to share it with other dogs. When I was with my previous owner, I
lived in a kennel by myself. When another dog did come to visit, I ended
up having puppies!!! Do you see why I want to be by myself?  I have
been around cats – but they tell me that I love them a bit too much. For
some reason my foster Mama says NO! LEAVE THE KITTY ALONE! <Sigh>
One thing you should know: I have something called arthritis. It makes
it hard for me to do steps, especially if they are steep steps. But I’ll tell
you a secret – they don’t stop me from going after a kitty…
      UPDATED BIO FOR AUTUMN – June 2018
Hi from Autumn’s foster mom! I just wanted to updated
Autumn’s bio, and let you know what a sweet girl she is.
This girl loves, LOVES, L-O-V-E-S to be with her people.
She wants to be in the same room as I am, even though
she usually just wants to lie at my feet or be on the couch
next to me. She is not super active, as you might expect
of an older girl. She has learned that outside is the only
place to go potty, and we are progressing nicely with
walking (not pulling) on a leash. Autumn loves to chase
and chew her Jolly Ball. I started her in a crate whenever
I left the house, but now she is free to roam the house.
She never gets in to trouble. This girl is a GOOD sleeper.
You can tell by the loud snoring! Autumn had a rough
start before coming in to rescue, and now that she
realizes how nice attention, and pets and treats are she
does not want to share them
I am ready for real forever home. Can I come live in YOUR
home? Will you love me more than anything, forever?
Please, no other dogs, I want it to be just US!