A Better English Setter Rescue
Blazer was born in KY and his mom is an English Pointer and his dad is an
English Setter. There were thirteen puppies in the litter and three of them came
to our rescue, Tesla, Bronco, and Blazer. At eight weeks of age, Blazer is the
guy in the middle. His size is in the middle and his fur length is in the middle of
his siblings. Blazer though is the first to do everything. He was the first to learn
how to go up the stairs, he was the first to start barking, and he wants to be the
first to learn any new skill. Blazer enjoys his time outside but also loves playing
indoors with his siblings. He loves to play chase or find something to play a
good game of tug-of-war. He is a very curious guy and loves to climb and
explore. When his older foster fur siblings are around he tries to keep up and
has quickly learned good manners with older dogs. Blazer enjoys being held but
only for a quick hug and kiss and then he wants to be back on the floor running
around and exploring his world. He is already showing that he has boundless
energy and will be a higher energy dog. Blazer is happy to chase his siblings or
to be chased, it's all a fun game.

If you are looking for a loving, fun, smart, energetic dog, Blazer may just be
your guy!!!
NAME:   Blazer
BREED:  English Pointer/English Setter
COLOR:  Blue and White
AGE:      2 Months
SEX:       Male
Location:  MI