A Better English Setter Rescue
NAME:   Bronco
BREED:  English Pointer/English Setter
COLOR:  Blue and White
AGE:       2 Months
SEX:       Male
Location:  MI
Bronco was born in KY and his mom is an English Pointer and his dad is an
English Setter. There were thirteen puppies in the litter and three of them came
to our rescue, Tesla, Bronco, and Blazer. At eight weeks old, Bronco is the
largest, in fact, he was the largest of all thirteen puppies in his litter!
Bronco also has the longest fur and it helps when he is outside in the cold,
wintery Michigan weather. Bronco seeks out powder to run and jump through
and is the most independent outside. Show him some deep powdery snow and
no matter the temperature, he wants to explore his winter wonderland.
In spite of his independent streak outside, Bronco loves to be held and will
allow you to carry him around the house for a long time and loves to receive
kisses. But as soon as he is on the ground, he is running, chasing, pulling, and
playing tug-of-war games with his siblings. He loves to try and follow his
brother up the stairs, but doesn't get too far yet, he stops after a few steps and
wants help getting back down. When his big foster fur siblings are around he
tries to keep up and has quickly learned good manners with older dogs. Bronco
is happy to chase his siblings or be chased, it's all a fun game.

If you are looking for a loving, fun, smart, energetic dog, Bronco may just be
your guy!!!