A Better English Setter Rescue
Captain and Major
NAME:  Captain and Major
BREED: Spaniel Mixes
COLOR:  Black and White
AGE: 11 weeks
Weight: 15-20 lbs.
SEX: Males
Location:  WI
Our names are Captain (white body) and Major (black body).  
We traveled to our foster family Memorial weekend.   
We are learning so much from our foster family.
They say our names are Captain and Major, but our last names
must be GOOD BOY!!

Let us tell you about ourselves.  
We are 11-week-old English Setter mix pups.
Yep, no lie, our momma was a purebred setter.  
We are curious boys and we love exploring the backyard together.  
When we are not exploring, we love a good toy to chew on.  
We have two older foster fur brothers that we respect and
admire.  We like to hang out by our big foster brothers and try
to play with them.  We also have two older kids in our foster
family that are 13 and 11.
It is probably good our foster kids are older because
occasionally we need to be redirected on what we can and
cannot chew on.  We are learning that people prefer that we
do not chew on their fingers.
We sleep through the night and we go all night without
having an accident in the crate!!  
The daytime is a little trickier because we like to play hard
outside and then we drink water to cool off.
BAM, before we realize it, we are not outside anymore, and,
yikes, we have had a slight accident.
Perhaps a reminder to “go potty” before we come in from
outside will help us achieve the total potty-training experience.
We know our names and we come when called.  We also know
how to sit, and we always sit before we get our food.  
We love laps; we play in them and nap in them!  
People with laps are AMAZING!  
Is there any chance your family is looking for
a good boy for their lap?
These boys do NOT need to be adopted together.
The boys on their way to their foster home.
Captain and Major in there foster homes.