A Better English Setter Rescue
My name is Carly or as my foster mom likes to call me Miss Carly Simon.
Let me tell you a little about myself.  
I am an 11-year young female (spayed),
weighing in at about 40 pounds, maybe a bit more.

I have been with my foster mom for a few weeks now
and am adjusting well.
My household friends include a few English Setters and Dachshunds.   
There are two cats that live here and for the most part we get along
but sometimes I will bark and chase them.

Now a bit from my foster mom.
Carly is a sweet dog that seems to love every human she meets.
She gets along with my dogs, but with supervision.  
She is not fond of other dogs being in her face or her space.
I think with slow introduction’s she will be fine with most dogs.

Carly is completely housebroken and knows how to sit and shake.
Also, she knows how to ring a bell if she wants to go outside.
I keep her in a crate when I'm not home and at night.
However, I believe she would be fine left in the house.  
She rides very well in a car and walks great on a leash.  
All around Carly is a great dog!