A Better English Setter Rescue
Charlee is between 4 and 5 years old.
She just arrived at her foster home.
Charlee will receive tender loving care and all the
medical attention she needs for a skin infection ,
K/C and the buckshot under her skin.  
Charlee at the shelter.
Charlee day one at her foster home.
A week later and Charlee
is feeling a bit better.
Charlee is a 45-pound, female English setter, about 3-4 years old.
She was pulled from Columbus GA animal control, where she was
a 3-time repeat visitor. Charlee's owner had been contacted
repeatedly, but he chose to leave her at the pound.
BEST DAY EVER for Charlee! We were waiting for the green light
to go get her, and now she is a happy, safe girl.
When she was first rescued, Charlee was very withdrawn and
subdued. She wanted attention but was afraid to walk on a leash
or make eye contact. She was also crawling with fleas and had a
terrible skin infection and hair loss because of her constant
scratching. Additionally, Charlee has bird shot lodged under her
skin in several places - we don't know if she was shot
accidentally or on purpose. Fortunately, she is negative for
heartworms, and was spayed shortly after leaving the shelter.
She is healing both physically and mentally.
Charlee is extremely sweet and craves affection.
She loves to cuddle but is also happy to just lie on a dog bed
nearby. She gets along well with other dogs but can be jealous of
"her person" and her bed area. Never aggressive, just grumbly
toward the other dogs - NEVER grumbly toward people! She
would probably thrive as an only dog. If she is in a multi-dog
home, her owners should be experienced in how to deal with her
possessive quirks. She is working on her housetraining and loves
to chew, so currently needs to be supervised in the house.
Charlee does not appear to be a fence climber or escape artist.
She is happy to come when called, and really prefers to have a
person or another dog go outside with her. She is very
food-motivated and smart. Indoors, she is pretty laid back and
chill. Outdoors, she likes to run and explore. She hates to be
walked on a leash, and usually will just find a place to sit and
pout if you ask her to do her business on a leash. Because of this,
it's probably best that her new family has a fenced yard.