A Better English Setter Rescue
Cindy was rescued from the street of Turkey, by local rescuers.
She just flew over to find a home here in the U.S.A.
According to all that have met Cindy, she is a cuddler.
Her foster mom told us she fit right in with the crew!!
Cindy on transport in to her foster home.
Cindy rescued in Turkey.
Cindy settling in to foster home.
NAME: Cindy
BREED: English Setter
COLOR: Black/White
AGE: 2
SEX: Female
WEIGHT: 42 lbs
Location: WI
Cindy is a lover!

If you are sitting down she is happiest in your lap!
She is a great dog and is calm in the house but loves to run and play outside.
Cindy gets along great with our other dogs in the house.

We also have a 2 year old son whom she adores, as well as an outdoor cat and an
indoor bunny (caged). She shows interest in the cat and rabbit but is doing great
with leave it and has not hurt or cased either one, she does point them both,
displaying her prey drive.

She walks ok on leash, pulling only some of the time.
Cindy knows come, off, leave it and is potty trained.
She is also trained on the in ground fence.
Cindy is learning what dog toys are and thoroughly enjoys playing with them now.

She does have some trouble deciphering which toys are dog toys and which toys
are baby toys, but she is not a chewer and gives up the toys easily.
Cindy’s favorite spot is in her persons’ arms, if that isn’t an option though she loves
laying on her doggy cot in the sunshine.  

Cindy’s ideal home would be one that has plenty of people to give her attention as
well as a large yard for her to run in.
She also would enjoy a doggy friend to play with.