A Better English Setter Rescue
Colby was found in a freezing lake in Michigan! We don’t know how long he
had been on his own, but he was in bad shape. He was brought to animal
control in late February until he was picked up by two sisters and brought
into our rescue. His fosters got him to the vet where the rest of his life began.

Colby’s eyes were in terrible shape, he was emaciated, his teeth were brown
and worn, his fur was completely matted and he needed to be neutered.

Once he began to put on weight his true personality began to show. He
started playing with toys, other dogs and learned to love pets and kisses
from his fosters.

He moved to another foster for a few weeks (his originals have a planned
vacation) and he did great there too. When he got back to the sisters house
he went in for his neuter, eye removal and dental!

Colby then travelled to his permanent foster home and we look forward to
updates from his foster dad.
Last leg on the way home
with foster dad.
Colby on his way to his fur-ever home!!