A Better English Setter Rescue
Curtis came from a shelter in NC the shelter put him
in a foster home as the shelter was too noisy and
confining for this soulful fellow.
7-8 years old
50 lbs.
Location: NC
UTD on vaccinations & Neutered
Great on a leash
Hey, it’s me Curtis, the super sweet seven-year-old, 50-pound, English
Setter mix and I wanted to give you an update from my foster home!
They sure have taught me what family is all about.
They haven’t left my side in three weeks! Or maybe I haven’t left their side.
I arrived more than a month ago and quickly found my special comfy spot in
the house. But now I have figured out that the whole house has comfy spots.
If one of my people is sitting down, I go and sit next to them, give them
a little nudge and then I get pet.
Neat trick, eh? And if I do it again, they pet me more! If I keep going, they
keep petting. They tell me that I have the softest fur of any dog. I love all the
cuddling, but you know what I don’t like – the ceiling fan!
I have figured out that as soon as I hear a leash, a plastic bag or
the shoe closet opening, that is my cue to run as fast as I can –
from wherever in the house I am – to meet my human pals, get a
leash on and head out exploring. And since they are home all the
time right now, it means I get to go on lots of walks. Even the
younger humans take me out. I’m not a barker, but they say when
we are out on our walks, that I make this cute little crying noise
every time we see another dog. This social distancing thing is so

To refresh your memory, when I first got here, I preferred time to
myself, but now that I’ve really come out of my shell, I love having
these folks and other dogs around. Oh, and guess what? I have
also figured out that the family hangs out in the kitchen where all
these good smells are and if I sit patiently and hang around the
table, I might just get a little treat at the end of a meal.
Not only am I good on the leash, I’m pretty decent in the car, too.
The first time I was a bit shaky and scared. I really just wanted to jump out.
But these humans have taken me to some fun places – on leash, of course –
and so now when they tell me we are going for a ride, I hop in and curl up.
On the last ride, I found a spot behind the other dogs, and stayed there the
whole time. I wasn’t scared at all.

I’m getting the hang of this family thing. It is so nice to be in a place where I
get a lot of love – but they tell me it’s not a furever home because they already
have two fur babies to love. I really want to find my special spot in your home
and in your heart so we can be together furever.  
I know that it might take me a few weeks to figure out that the whole house is
comfy.... that is why I want to get to that new house now!!

            Curtis has a clean bill of health, he is HW negative,
                         and up to date on vaccinations.  
                  He is currently being fostered in Raleigh, NC.
Curtis is a national treasure, in our opinions, has adapted beautifully and knows how to play us!
We know we are very fortunate humans to have this young man in our family!