A Better English Setter Rescue
NAME:    Desha
BREED:   Irish Red & White Setter
COLOR:   Red and White
AGE:       9 Years
SEX:        Female
SIZE/WEIGHT: 45 - 50 lbs.
Location:  CO        
Desha freedom ride/Desha at the shelter.
Desha's owner recently died and sadly she was taken to the local shelter.
This nine-year-old girl is described by everyone as very special and very sweet.
Desha is an almost 9-year-old (dob 10/03/2011)
beautiful Irish Red and White Setter.
The breed originated in Ireland in the 17th century and were the
ancestors of the solid red Irish Setter we all know.
The breed almost died out in the 19th century, but was revived in
the 1920s. There are only about 500 of them in all of the US.
They are known for their kind, courageous and joyful personalities
as well as their keen hunting instincts.

Desha was not very joyful when she first arrived from the shelter.
She had recently lost her lifelong human companion and was a little
shy and confused. However, she quickly adapted to her new
surroundings and has been friendly toward everyone-people, dogs,
cats and kittens.

Her favorite occupation is patrolling the yard for squirrels. She is
totally transfixed by them. Desha also enjoys a game of fetch and
will drop the ball at your feet. She walks nicely on a leash, not
exactly at heel, but does not pull. In the house she becomes the
typical ‘sofa setter’ and is an excellent companion. She likes to be
wherever her humans are. She will spend an occasional nap time in
a crate, if the door happens to be open, but there is no need for her
to be confined. She is reliably well behaved indoors, and has been
left in the kitchen with the other dogs for a couple of hours at a time
when I go out. Desha is a good traveler and rides quietly in the back
of the car.

Desha is looking for a new forever home with a good sized fenced
yard with a substantial squirrel population. She will enjoy having
other animal companions and a kind human to look after her. I hope
you can help her out.

We have just been notified that Desha's vet received blood test
results and we found out that her thyroid function was a little low.
She is now starting on some medication.