A Better English Setter Rescue
NAME:  Dollie         
COLOR: Black and White
AGE:    10 Months    
SEX:     Female  
Location:  OH
Dolly and Zorro are brother and sister and super sweet babies they are 10 month old bundles of fun.
The two were in a high kill shelter in TX; their owners
dropped them off saying they had too many dogs at home.  
Dolly was very frightened at the shelter.
We moved her out of the shelter into temporary boarding to waiting for her transport to fill.
When she arrived she was very sweet but still scared.
We then found out she had a brother in the shelter and we pulled
Zorro and they were reunited at the boarding facility.
Dollie at the Shelter.
Dollie arriving at boarding.
Dollie and Zorro reunited.
Dollie and Zorro on transport to and arriving at their foster home, to start new lives.
You are safe now babies, you can relax.