A Better English Setter Rescue
Ellie II
We found this beautiful sweetheart in a shelter in AL.
Here she is on her freedom ride to her foster home, offering to drive the first leg, if needed.
This happy girl never lost her enthusiasm on her two day trip, complete
with an overnight B&B.
The other dogs in Dad’s pack are all males.  
I had to lay down the law the first day I was here.  
I did something Dad had never seen before.  I sat down, rolled back on
my haunches, and had a boxing match with one of his dogs - punching
him with my front paws.  Dad laughed and laughed.  Now they all respect
me even though a couple are jealous, but we get along.
I would prefer a one dog environment and hope that being strong and
intelligent won’t get in the way.  
My strength may be a problem for small children.  
I know nothing of cats but have shown no prey aggression.

I spend a good deal of time lying at Dad’s feet just waiting for the next
stroke on the muzzle or pat on the head.  
He constantly tells me “Ellie is a Good Dog!”  And, now, I know I am.  
He calls me his Panda Bear, whatever that is, but mostly just Ellie.  
I’m such a happy girl that I talk on special occasions saying “Ahwooo,
ahwoo, ruff” not too loudly, and only when I am excited about going out,
or want some of Dad’s special attention.
My name is Ellie II and I am a 4-year-old,
spayed, beautiful Tri colored gal.
It’s hard to say who I am, other than a great dog.  
My foster Dad has learned that I am so much more dog than anyone knew
before.  They thought I didn’t like men:  my foster Dad knows better.  
He is interested in me and shows me affection and is always checking me out
and petting me, so I know he cares.  
He believes that I am a combination of English Setter and maybe Malamute
because I have very heavy fur, small ears, and fully webbed front feet.  My
rear feet are not fully webbed.  I get hot and love to lie on the cool tile floors.

Dad says I don’t know my own strength, and he should know because we
play often in the morning on the bed and I can be a little rough, and then he
draws the line with “Be Gentle,” and I am.  
I go all four paws up and love my belly rubbed.  
I even stand and wait for him while he puts my leash on so we can go
outside.  When we get outside, I do my business promptly.
I have very little idea of my original name but give
me a forever home and call me what you will.  
I am all girl dog, loving, and loyal to a fault.