Falkor now Gus
A Better English Setter Rescue
Meet Falkor the adorable puppy.  
A breeder dropped him off at a shelter because his back legs are a bit splayed.  
This beautiful boy is only 10 months old and weighs in at 31 lbs.

Falkor went right ahead and stole the hearts of the shelter staff, they said he's just a big baby,
who is full of kisses and loves to play with the other dogs.
Falkor at the shelter
We were alerted to Gus-Gus at the end of winter. He was a
6-7 month old puppy and was turned in by a hunter who
had no use for him. You see, this handsome young pup
had a splayed Leg (see photos.) Gus-Gus saw a vet who
sent him to a specialist. It was determined that surgery
was an option but the vet wanted to wait a few months so
Gus could continue to grow.

The time has come for surgery, June 17, and we need to
raise some money for him. We had one of our special
volunteers pledge to match half of the surgery cost if we
raised the rest! So we are asking our awesome friends to
please open their hearts and donate anything they can to
help this little fellow walk better!
Every single dollar counts. We have one week to raise the
money and we promise to send updates as we receive
them! Please donate here.

We are thankful every day that we can continue helping
dogs in need. Without your help none of this would be
July 9th
Gus-Gus update from foster mom:
We are now in the first day of week 4 of Gus-Gus's
recovery from surgery and he’s doing great!
Starting today he is getting 10 minute walks twice a
day until week 5. I’m so proud of him and so thankful
for more exercise and no cone to wear!!
We appreciate continued good thoughts and prayers❤.
July 3rd
Update from foster mom : Gus-Gus Update:
Look how straight his leg is!!! Today is a big day for Gus-Gus. The
bandages are now removed! He is pretty worn out from his visit
and resting well with the help of his medication to calm him.
I had to put the hood on him because as you can guess he wants to
lick, lick, and lick at the area. The last thing we need is an infection
to set up. I do allow him time without the hood while I closely

The Dr. says all is looking well and I’m scheduled to take him back
in three weeks for a recheck. He is to continue cage rest until end
of the month. This is not easy for the little guy but overall is a
perfect patient. Please continue to send us both good thoughts and
prayers. ❤ He still has 4 weeks to go until he’s allowed to run and
be off leash.
June 26th
GusGus received a wonderful care package today from English Setters named
Luke and Jake And their mom Laura (ABESR Supporter)❤
He cannot wait to enjoy all the goodies!!! Your generosity is most appreciated,
Laura. Paws up from Gus-Gus!

Gus-Gus got a good report today!!! It’s so good to see his leg is straight. The
leg is healing well and the staples were removed. As you can see in the photo
he’s still a little dazed due to the sedation. Gus-Gus is resting now
and sporting a new blue wrap. The Doctor will remove the bandage next
Wednesday and he and I both are excited about that �� We thank you for
all the positive thoughts and prayers. Five more weeks to go for this sweet
Gus-Gus is going to be adopted by his loving foster mom.
Gus-Gus needed surgery to correct a leg deformity.  
Surgery was a success and after a careful recovery,
Gus-Gus is now able to run full steam ahead!