When you foster an ABESR English Setter you get an entire family of very
experienced people that are always available to help you with any and all
aspects of fostering and any other part of the process.

Please consider becoming a foster parent. There is always a shortage of
foster homes and so many dogs needing help. There is one waiting just for
you to give them love and direction and help them on their way to a
wonderful new life with a devoted family.

When you decide you are ready to foster you are one step closer to having
one of the most worthwhile experiences you will ever have.
Imagine taking in a foster that may have been abused,
neglected, abandoned or just lost its only home. Then
watch its whole demeanor change right before your
eyes as it learns the meaning of love.
You will be the one to show them how to love and be
loved which is the best part of being a foster parent
and knowing it will be you that can make this happen.
You will learn all about your dog and decide when your
precious foster is ready to go. Foster homes decide
which of the approved forever homes is right for their

The part of fostering you might hate is when you
decide it's time to let your foster go to their forever
homes. We have all been through that and continue to
go through it as we realize (finally) that is the
thing for the dog and it frees up our homes to help
more dogs. That, my friend, is why fostering is the job
you will love to hate, but you will keep on doing it since
the love far outweighs the hate. Those of us at A Better
English Setter Rescue (ABESR) who have had this
beautiful experience continue to keep doing it.
You ask what is fostering really about and can I foster? Fostering is very
gratifying, you will like it more than any job you have ever had. Opening
your home to a Foster is so rewarding you will love to hate it and here is

Taking in a foster is as easy as you make it. There are so many dogs in
need and all they really want to do is return the love you give them
tenfold. Some are terrified others may have been given up because they
were no longer welcome in their former living situations or perhaps the
match just wasn't right.
Then and Now
Questions about fostering?
Andrea Henkle, FosterHome Coordinator

Andrea Henkle at ahenkle@yahoo.com
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