A Better English Setter Rescue
Gunnar came into rescue underweight at 22 lbs.
Gunnar is a 4-year-old, neutered male. When he arrived in rescue, he was
extremely underweight at a mere 22 lbs. He is a high-energy boy and came
to us with no apparent limits or manners, a willful attitude and some less
than ideal behaviors.  He is a very bright and affectionate boy who seems
perceptive of his humans’ responses and appears to want to please but
can't/won't contain himself.  He will require much patience and consistent
firmness in a forever home, or I suspect he will quickly revert to
his old willful ways.
Gun is now fed twice daily with 1 1/2 C./feeding of high-quality protein kibble, to
which a can of warm water is added to slow his eating. His weight is now stabilized
at 48#. He is current on all vaccines as well as heartworm and flea/tick

This boy is house trained, and we are working on teaching him to ring a bell hung
on the doorknob, signaling when he needs to go out. Our open-door policy to the
fenced back yard prevents accidents;
otherwise, he is sent outside every 3 or so hours. Gunnar crates readily on
command (mostly) and behaves well in the crate, where he sleeps, and it is his safe
haven when human supervision is unavailable.
He can be a chewer; he destroyed two leashes and his collar before we were
aware of this issue. We provided appropriate chewy objects, and limited
availability of things we didn't want chewed. Gunnar knows some basic
commands - come, sit, lie down; still working on leave it and heel.  
Stay is a total bust. He is a counter surfer and we are still trying to find
something to stop this behavior – a squirt bottle is just a game to him.

Gunnar's first contact with a dog he doesn’t know is to bark, act submissive,
and run away.  He is interested but fearful.  Upon further contact he hesitantly
approaches and wants to play.  With familiarity he is rambunctious, very
excited, and even attempts to hump.  He interacts with my two older dogs, who
put him in his place when he gets too rough and he takes this correction well.
I would characterize him as rough and impulsive rather than aggressive - part
of his lack of boundaries.  His reaction to cats is unknown but, I would bet that
he might at least be rough in wanting to play.
Gunnar has had a rough start in life. He was never given proper
directives as a pup, which started to spiral out of control.  
Once in rescue, Gunnar was given boundaries and guidelines.
He is a very loving dog and really craves attention and petting,
however, he is quite intense and a gutsy little guy.
Could you be that adopter who is willing to continue to work with Gunnar?  

He is a sweet boy but needs someone who is patient and dog savvy and will
keep him moving in the right direction.  
Please fill out an application
if you feel this could be the guy for you!!