A Better English Setter Rescue
Harper is a 3-month-old, female setter mix with a lot of personality
and love!  She has the cutest spotted belly, caterpillar eyebrows, and
spotted nose.  She has been attending puppy day school and is
learning manners and social skills.

Harper has also learned play skills from her “manny”, Waylon, a 7-year,
seventy-pound setter.  
They have “Fight Club” several times a day and she is usually the
winner!  She has spurts of activity followed by nice long naps!  
Harper will continue to flourish with space to run and, if possible, a
canine friend.  
If no other dog(s) are in the home, puppy play camp or daycare would
be of benefit to her.

Harper is doing well with house training.  
She sleeps through the night in the crate with no accidents
and does very well during the day.  
She has had a few slips, but they were the fault of the humans.  
Harper is incredibly sweet and cuddly.  
She loves to curl up right beside(on top) of you and go to sleep.
She will be a loving and highly amusing addition to any family!
Candi Harpers Mom.
Harper with her Mom, Dad and fur-brother Tom.