Isabella II
A Better English Setter Rescue
Isabella was brought into rescue in November with an inoperable mammary tumor.
The shelter believed it had spread into her lungs. One of our amazing volunteers
offered to pick her up and take her in as a hospice case.

She had a visit to the vet where she was spayed and tumors were biopsied so we
could know exactly what was going on. Unfortunately, her tumors presented as
malignant BUT with clean margins.

Her foster family has set up a surgical/oncology consult. If it has not spread, she
can have the rest of her mammary tumors removed for another 1-3 years of life. If
it has spread to her lungs or anywhere else, they will keep her as a hospice girl.
They did do x-rays at the vet, instead of at the specialist, just to save money.

She is settling in very well and is completely housebroken now. She cannot get
enough attention and has figured out that they laugh when she “talks” to them, so
is getting quite vocal when she wants something. Ha ha! According to her foster
mom, "She is so sweet and holds onto my shirt/sleeve everywhere I go!"
2/1/19 update from foster mom:

Hello again!
Great news on Bella! The vet called to say that her ultrasound was clear- no
obvious tumors in her abdomen! She will have the fast-growing mammary
tumor under her front arm, removed on Wed 2/13.

I know it’s costly, but it’s the best thing for her. We are definitely not
seeking out chemo or anymore measures after this. It’s just because this
type of tumor is fast growing, so will soon become uncomfortable & the
longer it’s there, the higher risk of the cancer spreading elsewhere. So far,
her lungs and abdomen are clear.

We’re very excited for her & everyone at the vet office just loves her
becasue she is so agreeable and sad-looking, yet funny (doesn’t hesitate to
go belly up for a rub).
March 2019 update from foster mom:

Bella is doing fantastic!!! After healing from her second
surgery to remove a malignant mammary tumor under her
front arm, she is bouncy and playful for an old girl now!
She’s finally making toys a regular part of her day and
playing more with our 2 boy Setters.

We’ve decided to keep her here instead of posting her for
adoption, since she’s old and happy, we saw no point in
uprooting her. She loves when our sons love on her
and I have trouble getting much work done on my computer
when she is pulling on my arm for attention! But how can
anyone deny that sweet face, full of love and happiness! ♥