A Better English Setter Rescue
This pretty girl was running around a neighborhood in Kentucky with a group of dogs.
When she was found she laid down in her crate for transport and was very calm.
NAME:  Keeper
BREED:  ES/Pointer Mix
COLOR:  White and Black
AGE:  2 Years
SEX:  Female
SIZE/WEIGHT:  30 lbs.
OK WITH CATS:  Unknown
Location: MI
Prior to arriving into rescue, Kate was found running with other stray
dogs and… in heat. Poor girl was just a baby herself but wound up having
6 beautiful pups of her own. Kate is now spayed and ready to find her
forever home.  

Kate is a small girl and has the appearance of an English Pointer in black
over white coloration. She is currently under 30# and needs to gain a few
pounds to reach her ideal weight range of the mid 30’s. Her small size has
earned her the “my pocket pointer” moniker.  

Kate is still a very young girl at approximately 2 years of age. She is high
energy and has one of the lowest deepest toned growls when playing I
have ever heard out of a dog her size. She loves to play with toys that
squeak but should not have stuffed toys as she will tear out the stuffing
and spread it all over the house in just a few minutes. Her tail is carried
high and is constantly wagging. She is a very sweet, happy girl!  

Kate has a voice and will use it to let you know she needs to go outside or
wants a drink or is hungry. She is not a shy girl by any means! She knows
numerous commands such as come, quiet, stop, kennel, let’s go out and
of course she responds nicely to her name.  

Kate does use a tie out here and needs to be observed all the time. She
wastes no time getting down to “business."  Kate starts off at a brisk run
on her tie out and then she relieves herself immediately and returns to me
when she is ready to go back inside. She has never had an accident in the

Kate is a very loving girl and wants to be a lap dog. A family with teens
would be great for this high energy girl who calms down once she plays in
the house for a bit. Kate will tease you with a toy she is playing with to
engage with you. She also plays with my other dogs and does well with
them. She is a real gutsy, sweet and loving little dog.  

With her high energy and desire to run, Kate is always on leash. This
sweet girl will make someone a wonderful pet but must have a fenced
yard. With her personality and drive the possibilities are limitless for
engaging activities.

   If you are interested in adopting Kate, please fill out an application.
Rescued from the street.
Kate on her way to her foster home.