A Better English Setter Rescue
Kate's Puppies
SIZE/WEIGHT: as of 10/04/2020

Mocha 11.6 lbs.
Princess 12.4 lbs.
Trouble 14 lbs.
Boss 14.8 lbs.
Marshmallow 17.4 lbs.
Daisy 18 lbs.
Look what Kate did!!!  

Date of Birth July 20, 2020  

6 beautiful babies!!!  

3 boys and 3 girls!!  
The Girls

Adopted Daisy: Would do well with some land to run around and a nice TALL fence  

Adopted Mocha:  Sweet girl that loves to play with toys and enjoys kids

Princess: She is the sweetest and the calmest  

The Boys

:  Sweet and goofy boy that gives great kisses, enjoys humans,
playing with toys, and has typical puppy energy

Boss: His name says it all  

Trouble:  Great personality, enjoys humans but he is also a bit of a wild child
BREED:  Pointer mixes.
AGE:      Born 7/20/2020
SEX:      3 Males, 3 Females.
Location: IN