A Better English Setter Rescue
Lewis now Milo
NAME: Lewis
BREED:  English Setter
AGE:      3-4 years
SEX:      Male
SIZE/WEIGHT:  50 lbs.
Location: TN
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats:  Unknown
We were told that Lewis was a 6-year-old boy, but his foster mom
says he acts more like a 3-4-year-old. Regardless of his age, Lewis
is a lover boy. He just wants to be with you. A velcro dog, he will
quietly follow you from room to room and surreptitiously try to be as
close as possible.  Nothing makes his day like a scratch behind his

A typical setter, he is quite active outside, but very mellow when
indoors. He is not terribly birdy, but will chase squirrels and bark at
deer. A physical type of a fence is preferred for this boy.

He learns incredibly fast and really wants to please. Although he
was kept outside before rescue, he learned house manners within a
few days - including rules against counter surfing. He had no
experience on a leash, but learned to walk on the left on a loose
leash his first walk out. He learned the dog door almost instantly.
The only challenge that has stumped him is the stairs to the
basement.  If it's time to go downstairs, he will dash out the dog
door, run around the house, and reappear through the downstairs
dog door. He gets there as fast as the dogs who go down the stairs!
He has learned not to push out the gate, too. The only reason he
even wanted to go out the gate was to accompany a person. He did
not try to run. Lewis is very domestic.

Lewis is pretty laid back, but confident.  He doesn't get excited in
new situations. If he gets nervous, like on a trip to the vets, his
reaction is to stand very very still. It's really kind of funny, bless his

Lewis is absolutely fantastic with other dogs. He does not try to
dominate, but also quietly stands his ground when another tries to
dominate him. He plays well and loves to run with other dogs. Lewis
has NOT been tested around children, but his gentle behavior
suggests he would do well with them. Cats are unknown.   
This  sweet boy Levis was living outside without much protection,
his former owners were ready to give him up, so that he could have a better life.