A Better English Setter Rescue
NAME:  Lily
BREED: English Setter
AGE:     9 years
SEX:     Female
SIZE/WEIGHT: 50 lbs.
Location: MD
Lily was dropped off at the shelter by her owner along with her sister Queenie.
Lily is 9 years old, very delightful and friendly
Lily at the shelter and both girls
meeting foster mom and dad.
Lily is a 9-year-old, spayed, very affectionate cuddle bug!
She likes to be as close to her human as possible.
Lily LOVES attention and enjoys a good snuggle.
The couch is a favorite place for her, but if you want her off the furniture,
she will obediently get off when told to “come”.

This sweet girl is crate trained and goes in willingly or if given the command. She is crated at night and when her
foster parents are not home. Lily is also house trained and will go to the door when she needs to go out; however,
rehoming can cause slight setbacks until the dog finds the new back door. Lily sits while the leash is being put on
her, but her leash skills could use some fine tuning.
She does not pull, unless she gets on a scent trail, but she does, at times, walk behind her human. It has been
noted that Lily is a bit skittish of loud noises both inside and outside.

Lily is currently in a foster home with a 4-foot fence and a physical fence is recommended. Her foster home does
not have an invisible fence so we are not sure how she would react.
This girl is very active outside and will need a decent size yard to burn off her energy. Lily has great recall inside
and out – when called she will come and sit by her human.
Now, of course if she is on the scent of a bunny, all bets are off. This girl is nose to the ground until she has run
that bunny out of HER yard.

Lily came into foster care with her sister, Queenie, and she does great with Queenie.  However, there is also a
resident male dog in her foster home and cats. She is not fond of the resident male and she has snapped at him –
one night she caught him on the nose and drew a little blood.

Lily is also curious about the resident cats and shows interest in seeking them out. If the cats run, Lily will chase
but if told to “leave it” or “no” she will stop. However, this is constant. Because of Lily's moderate/high prey
drive; chasing the cats and wanting to go where she knows the cats are; foster feels she should not be placed in
home with cats. Needless to say, she would do best as an only dog OR she can be adopted with her sister as long
as there are no other dogs in the house.
Lily has not been exposed to any children at her foster home and we are unsure if she was with her previous
If you are looking for a couch cuddling buddy and someone to tag
along for rides in the car, Lily just might be your girl!
Lily has made a lot of progress since she first arrived in her foster home on
February 15th of this year.

First off, Lily has discovered that toys are a good thing! Now, she will happily
go to the toy box and take out ...every single toy!
Lily also enjoys playing fetch with her red toy and will allow you take it from
her mouth and throw that toy repeatedly!!   
Foster mom will undoubtedly send her red toy with her when she is adopted.    

Lily was very skittish when she first arrived, and in time, warmed up nicely to
foster mom and dad. She has learned that being touched and loved on, is a
good thing. Lily loves being close to her foster mom or dad on the couch and
settling in for some serious cuddle time. Loud, sudden noises are not so scary
anymore, however, she is still not fond of the vacuum cleaner or lawn mower!  
A trip to the vet was a bit scary, but she did very well while being examined.
Spa time was a new adventure that she really did enjoy AFTER the water was
turned off.  Yes, Lily was more afraid of the sound of the water than the actual
bath. On to her mani/pedi and we are happy to report that Lily had NO issues
with foster dad trimming her nails.  
Her ear cleaning went well too, good girl Lily!   
Lily benefits from using a harness on walks versus a leash
attached to collar. She will not pull when in a harness, except of
course when she sees a squirrel or rabbit running away.  Lily's
recall is extremely good.   

Foster mom and dad feel Lily would benefit from being an only
dog where she could receive all the attention and love.  
And, although she doesn't aggressively search out the resident
cats, it would be best that Lily be placed in a
home without cats.
Lily continues to sleep in her crate at night and when foster
mom and dad are not home.
If you want a dog on whom you can
lavish lots of love and attention, then Lily
may be the girl for you!
February 2020