A Better English Setter Rescue
NAME:    Lilyan
BREED:  English Setter mix
COLOR:  White and Black
AGE:      6 months
SEX:      Female
WEIGHT: 26 lbs
Location:  MI
This special girl is Lilyan.
She is 6 months old and came into our rescue when her
family in Michigan could no longer care for her.
We are not sure what she's mixed with, but she is adorable
and is sure to steal your heart.
One thing we DO know is that she is an extra special dog!
As a typical pup, Lilyan has boundless energy and loves to spend lots
of time running, but she also loves to be close to her people.
She also LOVES playing with her fur-siblings.
They are a group of younger dogs, and enjoy many chasing games,
tug-of-war, and ball throws.
Lilly often has her nose to the ground and enjoys chasing scents and
pouncing on balls or anything fun she can find in the yard.
Even though Lilyan is one of the smaller dogs, she has a lot of heart
and isn't afraid to play hard with her bigger fur brother
who is double her size.
She is also very kind and knows to ignore her small senior fur sibling
who sometimes barks at her unkindly.
She just ignores him and moves along.
Lilly is happiest when she has her humans in the yard and will keep
you company for playtime or yard work.
Lilyan is a happy-go-lucky girl that loves everyone,
and it seems like her tail is always wagging.
When Lilyan gets excited she will at times jump up, but is slowly
learning that she gets petted when all four paws are on the ground.
When she is outside, she is usually making sure that her human is close,
but she is getting more comfortable chasing a scent with her
fur-brothers and is gaining more independence.
Lilyan quickly learned the boundaries of the Invisible Fence,
and it will be necessary for her to live in a home with
some type of yard containment.
Lilyan loves to run at high speeds, and her speed and agility are
impressive for a young dog.
While Lilyan loves the outdoors, when inside you will find her chewing
on a toy or bone, relaxing on a dog bed, or playing with her fur-siblings.
Her favorite spot though is on the sofa next to one of her humans
or better still, in a lap.
She loves to be on the giving and receiving end of kisses.
She is a VERY social dog!
Lilyan is housetrained and crate trained.
She enjoys chewing on a good bone but isn't a chewer.
She knows her name, comes very well but needs to work on her
other commands and leash walking refinement.
Lilyan has learned new things quickly at our house.
She is a smart girl that loves to please and make everyone around her happy.
If you are looking for a loving, fun, smart, energetic dog,
Lilyan may just be your girl!!!