A Better English Setter Rescue
NAME:  Mimi
BREED:  English Setter Mix
AGE:   Born October 23, 2020     
SEX:   Female
Location: TN
Mom Luisa's weight is 55 lbs.
Luisa and her daughter almost drowned when they were left on a tie-out by a river.
The police pulled them out of the water, seized them and they came into rescue.
Luisa gave birth 2 weeks after getting to her foster home to
9 healthy puppies, 1 Boy and 8 girls.

Luisa's daughter has been adopted as have 7 of the 9 puppies.
Luisa herself is not available for adoption at this time.
Luisa at InTake
Luisa and her puppies.
Luisa's Adopted Pups
Meet Mimi!

This  sweet girls is 11 weeks old and looking
for her forever home.  
Mom is an English Setter and she is the only one who
knows what Dad is, but he is likely a big dog.   
Mimi will most likely be big
as well... perhaps 60+ pounds.  

She is a super sweet puppy with typical puppy behavior.  
Full of energy and then full of cuddles. Mimi loves to give
puppy kisses and she goes from zero to 60 super fast...
and then back to zero just as fast.  
She plays well and has a lot of curiosity, but generally is a
follower and not a leader i.e. not the one
who is causing the most trouble!).  

She plays hard and love to wrestle with her siblings and
chew on toys, and is fearless when it comes to playing
with our big adult dogs.  When it comes to rest time, she
curls up fast wherever she is, be it alone, on top of a
sibling, on a bigger dogs, or in an adult's lap.   
Most of all, they love all the attention they can get!

This baby girl would love to find a family to grow up with!!