A Better English Setter Rescue
Maggie II
This sweet girl was pulled from a shelter here she is coming into rescue.
NAME:  Maggie II
BREED: English Setter/Spaniel
AGE:     2-3 years
SEX:     female
Weight: ??
Location: PA
Maggie II is a 2-3 year old, Spaniel/Setter mix who
basically a very sweet and well-mannered dog.
She was definitely a man’s dog and prefers to be with a man
human more than a female human.
Her house manners are very good, but she is a counter surfer, to the
point that she will try to jump up on the counter.
We are working on this.
She likes to sleep on the couch with you and likes the reassuring touch.
She loves looking out the window at cars, birds or whatever is
going on outside.
She rides well in the car but must be restrained in the back as she
wants to ride on your lap or if the window is down,
she wants to jump out of it.
She will roll over for belly rubs when she is insecure or afraid of being
hit to show submission or to avoid a behavior she does not want to do.
Maggie knows sit, come, wait or stay.
She knows down but chooses to give you a
hard time when asked to do it.
She does pull when being walked and we are working on
this with a martingale or prong collar.
She is crate trained and goes in with the command “kennel”.  
She is house trained.
She plays well with small dogs such as Yorkies and
Pomeranians and gets along well with larger dogs too but is not
afraid to put a dog in its place by snapping if she feels threatened.
We do not have cats at our home, but the shelter
said she passed her cat test.  
She has a very high prey drive and must be in a yard.
Maggie would not be able to go to a home with children.
She will bite when grabbed at the neck, collar or ears.
She will also snap if she has a chew bone and you try to
take it from her.
Otherwise this dog is wanting to be loved, understood,
and reassured that all is well.

I feel that an environment with rules and consistency,
firm but hands-off training from an understanding male
person she would be a wonderful companion.
We have enjoyed having her with our family
and hope there is a male out there who will show
Maggie a great life where she won’t have to be fearful.