A Better English Setter Rescue
Marshall II
NAME: Marshall II
BREED: English Setter mix
COLOR:  Black
AGE: 8 months
SEX: Male
SIZE/WEIGHT:  52 lbs
Hello! My name is Marshall, and I am an 8 month old setter boy....as you
can see, I am most handsome. My foster mom calls me Marshmallow
because I am so sweet. Let me tell you more about me...I am wonderful.
Okay, I'll be serious now, sorry. I am a puppy through and through,
and I am looking for fun-loving, active, happy families who can help me
continue learning to be a good boy, and let me release my energy with
fun, fun, fun. I would love to walk, hike, run, and swim...in fact,
I love all things water! Do you have a pond or a lake? Count me in!
Marshall arriving and settling in to his foster home.
Marshall is 8 months old and is very active and birdie boy!!
Marshall at the shelter.
Oh, guess what? Loud noises don't scare me!
Bring on the fireworks and thunder....I don't care as long as you are here to
play with me. My foster dad says I love guns and would be an excellent
hobby hunter...I don't know what that means, but I will fetch a bird for
you! Oh, that reminds me...I need a person to be my "one", but who will
teach me to be okay when they are not around. I might have a few issues
with feeling secure...but what do you expect from a guy with so many
changes in his life?! Ok, I gotta go play and try not to get in trouble.
But, if you think you might be right for me, let my foster mom know, ok??
Cannot wait to meet you!
I have never really had anyone to tell me how to be a good boy, but I do
love training (and treats, and pets, and "good boy"!)...right now, I am
learning to "come" and "off" and "stay" and "be a good boy". It's fun,
because I get lots of love when I do good! I love people and dogs...but I
need both to be the alpha and guide me on how to be appropriate in my
jumps and playing. I also like to chase things..bunnies, birds, and
chickens are SO MUCH FUN. For that reason, I probably need to be in a
house with no tiny dogs, no pet rabbits or hamsters, and livestock that is
caged. I do like kids...they are my size and so great to play with. But, I
guess I need kids that are older, and know how to keep working with me
to not jump or be too playful.