A Better English Setter Rescue
Mina is 2 1/2 years old she is looking for a new home.
Here she is on transport to her foster home.
Mina might be a little confused but she is taking it in stride
Why am I being overlooked because I want to be an only dog?
Have you even read my bio to see what a sweet girl I am? Hey, I don’t dislike other dogs, in fact I have
lived with other dogs most of my life and I was fine with that.
I wasn’t mean or aggressive, I simply removed myself to another room.  Why do humans jump to the
conclusion that I am aggressive when they read the words “wants to be an only dog” and that my adopter
“returned me”?  Seriously, I just really want to be an only dog. Is that so wrong?
Mina (approx. 2 years of age) has been back in foster care for a little
over a month now, she was returned to us by her previous adopter
who felt that she “didn’t get along with her other dog”, but could not
really give us any explanation as to why she felt that way.
There was no aggression, no fighting and really the only thing that we
knew was that she would “leave the room”.

We feel that we have a fairly good read on her. It is not that she does
not like other dogs, she is just a girl that would PREFER to be an only
dog. She does not “go after” other dogs, in fact has shown no
aggression towards them at all. She is currently in a foster home with
multiple dogs and cats, and other than an occasional growl upon first
arriving, there have been no issues.  She will be social and loving if it is
just her and her people, but the sad truth is that she does retreat to a
room by herself when other dogs enter the same room. She spends so
much time by herself that it’s heart breaking.
She loves our cat and plays with him. She play bows at him to get him to
play with her. He is the only critter here she wants to interact with. Our
cat does not run from her, and I would guess she would probably chase
him, but she most likely would want to play. Frank is dog savvy (he HAS
to be!) so can't guarantee how she'd be with all cats, but Mina does love
Frank, they get along great!

Mina truly loves people of all ages and sizes and any attention she can
get from them.  She would love to find a place of her own where she
could get all the love and attention that she deserves.  This girl is a total
sweetheart and she is ready to share her love with someone.
Please do not judge or overlook poor Mina because she PREFERS to be
an only dog, view it as she wants to devote all of her heart to you.
Mina's arrival at her foster home.