Ozzie now Jameson
A Better English Setter Rescue
Ozzie and Harriet found themselves in a High Kill Shelter
in Alabama when their owner died.
Ozzie and Harriet at the shelter.
Transporting to their Foster Home.
Big thanks to all the awesome volunteer drivers.
NAME: Ozzie
BREED: English Setter Mix
COLOR: Black and White
AGE: 8 Months
SEX:  Male
SIZE/WEIGHT:  23 pounds
Location: NY
It was all motion for this bonded pair when they first got to their foster home.
The pups are playing with foster sister Shelby, who showed them the
doggie door and has been playing with them ever since.
Ozzie is a 8-month-old, neutered English Setter-mix boy with a
slightly wrinkled sweet face, long legs and a big heart.  
He loves to play with humans, dogs, and toys.  
He loves to be cuddled and will sleep close to any of my dogs
who will accommodate him.  
We are working on correcting typical puppy behavior, including
sitting for treats and waiting his turn for them, not counter-
surfing, and chewing.  
Ozzie is energetic, but not overly so.
He wants to please his humans and he welcomes the many and
varied visitors to his foster mother’s house.  
He will be a wonderful companion.  
He has not yet been tested with cats or children.  
He may be adopted with or separately from his sister, Harriet