Patch at the shelter
Patch III
now Sir Lancelot or Lance
A Better English Setter Rescue
His fear and anxiety at the shelter was just was saddest thing, until he got in the car
jumped into the front seat and was ready to go.

Tonight, Patch is experiencing his best life and tomorrow it will get even better.
Patch is going to love learning all about being an indoor dog.
Patch's freedom ride with his temporary foster mom,
and saying goodbye to his rescuer.
The Patch man crashing at his
temporary foster home.
Patch is a lovable energetic sweet boy. He is still quite the puppy at heart,
even at 4 years old. He loves to go for walks, go on runs with my husband,
and be outside watching all the happenings in our yard such as the birds
and squirrels. His tail gets a wagging when we pull out the leash. He would
love for his next family to be active outdoors. He does not need extreme
physical exercise, but a morning and evening walk seem to work great as
well as a few hours of play each day outside. He walks well on leash, and
has been using the Easy Walk harness with great success. He would make
someone a great running partner. He is doing great at the commands of
"Heel" "Halt" and "Sit" on the walks. He does love cars, but he is learning
that they are not as exciting as he once thought and to leave them as they
go by.
Patch was a kennel dog prior to coming into rescue.
He is mostly potty trained, and is working on cues to tell us he needs to go
outside. We find having a routine helps with this. He has not had an accident
the last two weeks, but we make sure to give him plenty of opportunity to go
out. He understands the word "Potty" and will go pee on command, but #2 is
still a little bit of a waiting game. He loves his kennel and will kennel up for
you with a treat no problem. He does great in the kennel over night and for
up to 8 hrs- no barking, chewing, or accidents.
After a long day of kenneling, he would need a long walk or romp in the yard
to get his wiggles out.
Underground fence or a fenced yard would be ideal for him. His recall is
getting better, but will need continued work.  A new owner would need to
establish that bond with him.  He comes to us most of the time from outside,
unless he’s distracted by a scent or noise that catches his fancy. Then we
just have to walk up to him and leash him to bring him in- he goes willingly
every time. A tie out is not adequate, as he needs more room to run and gets
kennel mentality on them and will pace. We have an underground fence, and
Patch is very aware of what it means. He gets scared if he gets a warning
beep or shock and will go to the door and not want to move around too much.
You just need to coax him off the steps again and get him moving again.
Someone used a training collar on him in his past life, and was not kind. So
we use the training collar very sparingly. Again, he loves to please so
positive reinforcement and just interacting with him are more than enough to
change behavior or redirect him.
He loves dogs and children. He has no aggression with dogs- he is a friendly
boy. Our resident setter Cecelia loves him and they share food, toys, and
treats with no problem.  He would do well in a home with another dog, but
also as a single dog too. He loves my children (8 & 5 years old), and
understands not to jump or play too rough. He is good around smaller children
too, and is very gentle.  He rolls onto his belly to have them scratch him, and
is an absolute sweetheart.  He loves his toys, and gets very excited to retrieve
a stuffed toy or play keep away. Warning- he loves giving licks and nuzzling.
Patch came to our home barking at cars out the window.  
Now 3 weeks later this behavior is all but gone.
His new family will just need to set boundaries of acceptable behavior and
correct him if he falls back into them. He wants to please, so he has been
a quick student on the rules at our house. He sits like a gentleman during
dinner times. Most evenings he is happy to curl up next to your feet and
be near his people. He retires to his kennel about 9 p.m. When we get up
in morning, he sits quietly in his kennel until you call him for breakfast.
The key to Patch is giving him your attention and time just like any dog.
His first half of his life was looking at life through a kennel - now he
wants to explore it and is looking for a forever family who will include
him on their adventures. He loves his people and is still a young frisky
pup at heart. He would be a great dog for someone who wants to
nurture his playful side and give him new experiences and love.
He is a lovable goofball. His personality is so incredibly sweet and he is
a wonderful companion who loves to warm your feet and lay near
wherever you are.
We absolutely love this boy,  and cannot wait to find him a
family that will give him the life he deserves.
Patch on the way home and meeting his Mom.