Phoenix now Kenda
A Better English Setter Rescue
Phoenix at Intake.
Phoenix on transport to his foster home,
with travelling partner Salem.
Phoenix's grandmother is a full English Setters.
Meet Phoenix!
This sweet little guy is 3 months old and weighs in at 21lbs.
It won’t be long before he grows into all those cute little wrinkles on his head!
Phoenix is very sweet and snuggly and loves being with his humans and
everyone he meets.  He is a smart boy who is eager to learn the rules of
the house. He has learned to “sit pretty” consistently and has learned
that jumping up at our legs is not appreciated. Phoenix continues to
work on potty training and while making some progress, we still need to
perfect this area. He has done well with crate training, only barking for
a bit when we leave for work in the morning. We are working on leash
walking, however, at this age he gets distracted easily (or sits down),
but the groundwork is being laid.

When it comes to playing, Phoenix is your guy! He loves his kongs and
balls the best. He is super-fast to chase after any ball you throw but
hasn’t figured out yet that he should bring it back if he wants it to be
thrown again.

We think Phoenix is pretty fantastic and we think you will too.

*NOTE FROM FOSTER HOME COORDINATOR: Puppies are a great addition
to any family, but in your excitement of adding a new fur baby to your
family, please remember that they have sharp teeth and nails.