A Better English Setter Rescue
Piper III
Piper has faced a lot of loss in her life and has had a rough time lately.
Her owner passed and she went to live with relatives but the family decided they had
too much going on to care for her and took her to the Shelter.
She came into the shelter underweight and out of shape and was miserable in her kennel.
A shelter employee realized this wasn't a place for a sensitive dog so they took her home to foster her.
Piper came to the shelter underweight but is now a healthy 45lbs.

This beautiful girl is estimated to be 7 - 10 years.
It is hard to tell because she is in good health, teeth look good and she has good energy.
She does have separation anxiety.
Piper Shelter/Piper Freedom rider.
Piper rescued and at the shelter employee's house.
Piper in at her Foster home with Better Setter.