Pixie's Puppies
A Better English Setter Rescue
Pixie's puppies are 3 boys: Hudson, Beckett and Ollie and 2 girls: Hazel Grace and Poppy.
We will add names to the pictures as they grow so stay tuned.
Becket one of two
of the big boys.
Hudson second of
the big boys.
Ollie the third male.
The girls Poppy and Hazel
Week One
Puppies eyes are just starting to open.
Week Two
Puppies eyes are open.
1 Month
More puppy pictures
2 Months old
The puppies:  there are 3 males (Beckett, Hudson and Ollie) and 2 females (Hazel Grace and Poppy).
They have turned 8 weeks and received their first shots on April 3rd. Their general overall health is very good.
Two of the pups do have a congenital condition called Hypomyelination, otherwise known as shaking puppy
syndrome.  This is a condition caused by insufficient myelin production in the body.
This condition affects the central nervous system, with related tremors that are most apparent when a dog is
active. Both of these pups should go on to lead normal active lives, but they do have tremors when they get
excited. I will elaborate more with the individual dogs. Here is a link for more information:


As with any puppies, please keep a few things in mind – they have sharp teeth and sharp little nails, and they will
chase and grab anything that looks like fun to play with. If you have small children in the house, please be a
proactive parent and supervise closely. Please also keep in mind that the puppies are changing almost
daily – this is an important time for them to learn social interaction. I am happy to talk to anyone that is interested
in a puppy, but please do not get offended if, after talking with you, I feel that another puppy may be better
suited for you other than the one you are interested in.
Beckett aka BBB (Big Boy Beckett) is a sturdy boy weighing in at
13.6#, but he is also very sweet.  
Beckett has the cutest spotted feet and chest. He has learned to
enjoy back scratches and ear rubs.  He will give kisses…when he
feels like it. He is fairly independent and can entertain himself with
toys and bones, but also enjoys interaction with people.
Beckett does not show any signs of Hypomyelination.
If you think you might want a puppy in your life,
please fill out one of our applications!
All our dogs are in foster homes living with families across the region.
Pixie's Pups currently reside in Indiana.
We have an all volunteer transport available to get them to their adopters.
For more infomation on how that works check out our Transport page.