A Better English Setter Rescue
NAME:  Queenie
BREED: English Setter
AGE:     7 years
SEX:     Female
SIZE/WEIGHT: 31 lbs.
Location: MD
Queenie was dropped off at the shelter by her owner along with her sister Lily.
She is 7 years old and a nice and loving girl.
Queenie at the shelter then on
transport to her foster home.
Both girls meeting foster mom and dad.
Queenie is a 7-year-old, spayed, tiny peanut of a girl that is very
affectionate and a true snuggle bug!!
She likes to be near her people, and she LOVES attention.

This little girl likes going on walks and she currently walks in the morning
and evening with additional exercise in the yard in between. Queenie does
ok on leash, but will need some work to improve in that area.
At this point, she pulls; however, if reined in a bit she will walk near her

Queenie is always alert and on the lookout for birds and other animals.
She will try and chase whatever is on the move. Queenie has a high prey
drive when in the yard and on walks. A physical fence is a must for her
due to her high prey drive. Her foster parents do not have an invisible
fence so it is difficult to say how she would do with one. She is very active
outside, so she does need a larger yard to burn off her energy. Queenie
has great recall inside and outdoors. She will promptly come when called
and sit next to you, except when she has a bird or rabbit in her sights.
Queenie is crate trained, but she will not enter willingly or on command –
this girl will hold out for a treat!! Speaking of treats, she will take a treat
nicely from your hand, but might get a little pushy if offered a second one.
Queenie does sleep in her crate at night and if her foster parents are not

Queenie currently shares her foster home with a resident male dog and
her sister Lily as well as the resident cats. Queenie does well with the
resident male dog, but she is a little too curious about the resident cats
and shows interest in seeking them out. If the cats run, Queenie will
chase but if told to “leave it” or “no” she will stop.  However, this is
becoming constant.  Because of Queenie's high prey drive, chasing the
cats and wanting to go where she knows the cats are, her foster parents
feel she should NOT be placed in a home with cats.

This sweet girl has not been around children in her foster home so we are
not exactly sure how she would do with them. She does seem to be
startled by loud noises both inside and outdoors – even on walks, the cars
that pass startle her, so young children in the home might not be best.
If you are looking for a couch cuddler or
someone to ride shotgun in the car,
this sweet peanut of a girl may be perfect for you.
Please fill out an application to adopt!!
Queenie continues to be a joy to have in her foster home since arriving on
February 15th of this year.

For walks, we have found that a harness makes all the difference in the
world for this girl. She does not pull when using a harness versus a leash
attached to her collar. However, if a bird or other little critter catches her
eye, she will stop and point; then, when they move...hang on tight
because she will pursue!

Queenie is still curious about the cats, however her anxiety about trying
to locate them has decreased. Her foster home still has gates up in the
house where the cats can get a reprieve, and if the gates are not up,
Queenie will attempt to find the cats. Queenie listens very well, and her
recall is outstanding when asked to 'come.’  A home without cats would
still be ideal, and another dog to play with would be great!

Queenie enjoys being brushed and did not mind when foster dad trimmed
her nails. At bath time a little coaxing was needed to get her into the tub;
however, the actual bath went off without incident. What a good girl!!
Queenie was an absolute gem at the vet’s office, too!
Because of the cats living in the foster home, Queenie continues to sleep
in her crate at night and when her foster parents are not at home.

Queenie is a fun girl who would enjoy her furever home with a fur sibling!

If your home is cat free and you have a dog looking for a playmate,
Queenie might be the girl for you!
February 2020
The delightful Miss Queenie meeting her fur-ever  
Mom and heading home.