A Better English Setter Rescue
Remi found himself in a bad situation and ended up at Detroit Animal
Control. The good people there knew that was no place for a cute
puppy and asked us to quickly pick him up. Remi is estimated to be 7
months. We aren't sure what he's mixed with, but he is adorable and
sure to steal your heart. One thing we DO know is that he is an extra
special dog!

As a typical young pup, Remi has lots of energy but loves to be close
to his people, young and old. He also LOVES playing with his
fur-siblings. They are a group of younger dogs and enjoy many
chasing games, tug-of-war, ball, and Frisbee throws. At 30 pounds,
Remi is one of our smaller dogs but he can certainly hold his own and
is often first to the ball. He has learned to return with the ball but is
still working on releasing it for another throw.
Remi also lives with a small senior dog and quickly learned he doesn't
want to play and leaves him alone. When it comes to the other dogs, he
loves to run, tumble, jump and play hard. We don't have any cats but I
would guess there would be some chasing and attempts at play. This
could be confirmed with a cat test.

Remi is a happy go lucky guy that loves everyone, and it seems like his
tail is always wagging. When he gets excited he will at times jump up but
is slowly learning that he gets petted when all four paws are on the
ground. When he is outside, he is always making sure that his human is
close. He quickly learned the boundaries of the Invisible Fence but he
isn't a dog you're going to worry about dashing out of the house and
being a runner. Remi is happiest when his humans are in the yard and
will keep you company for playtime or yard work. If you're inside, he
wants to be in the same room, chewing on a toy, relaxing or playing with
his fur-siblings. For a special treat, he loves to get on the sofa and will
even crawl into your lap if you let him. He certainly loves to be on the
giving and receiving end of kisses. He is a VERY social dog!
Remi is housetrained and has never had an accident at our house.
He enjoys chewing on a good bone or toy but isn't a chewer.
He knows his name, sit and come very well and would love to work on
other commands and leash walking refinement.
He is also crate trained but his first choice is to be near his people and
fur friends. Remi is a very smart guy and loves to please and make
everyone around him happy.
If you are looking for a loving, fun, smart, energetic dog,
Remi may just be your guy!!!
Remi leaving the shelter and arriving at his foster home.