A Better English Setter Rescue
Do you remember Momma Rita and her two puppies?
All three have found wonderful homes.
Tali set right to work mending her new moms broken heart, Tali is lap dog and
walking buddy for her adoptive mom who recently lost her beloved Lab.

Tali started crying a lot!!
Early on it was thought to be that she was missing her puppies.
However, she started and continues to have odd attacks where it seems like she is
choking. Her Mom says she and Tali been up all night crying.
The only thing that seems to help her is to walk, so they have been walking the
streets late at night, night after night.

Tali and her Mom need the help of a few kind souls...

A Trip to the Emergency Vet did not reveal anything obvious.
Tali then went to her regular Vet and after xrays, blood work, special food and four
medications, Tali is still suffering from this unknown problem.
Next up is a scope, other tests and possibly more meds.

Tali's Mom is still catching up on the bills from her Labrador who passed away.
Her bills are over $1,400 with Tali with more to come.
Tali has been with her Mom for one month now.
Mom truly loves Tali and needs our help to get her healthy again so Tali can live
the long and happy life which she so deserves.
Would you, Could you help us HELP Tali with her bills?
Every dollar counts.

If you can spare $1, $10, $25 it is all greatly appreciated.

Tali sends you slobbery setter kisses for your kindness.
We want to make sure Tali gets the help she greatly deserves
but cannot do it without you.
Tali (fka) Momma Rita needs our help!!

She would love to be  
your valentine this year!!