A Better English Setter Rescue
NAME:    Rymon        
BREED:  English Setter
COLOR:  Orange and White
AGE:      3 Years
SEX:      Male
SIZE/WEIGHT:  45 lbs.
Location: NJ
               NO CATS
Looking for the world's best training partner? Want him to also be
fiercely loyal, issue kisses on command, and keep you warm on the
couch on those chilly winter nights? Rymon is the most active dog we
have ever come across. In the past week he has: run a 1:30 half
marathon (7 minute miles), (2) 6-mile trail runs, sprinting intervals
for 45 minutes at the dog park every other day, AND going for 2
walks a day for about 5 miles.

Not just brawn, Rymon loves using his mind to solve any food puzzle
game you can find, learning obedience commands, and figuring out
just where the next chipmunk or squirrel will emerge from.

Rymon requires a hard fence, lots of room to run, and cannot be off
leash. He is good with other dogs and plays nicely. He must be in a
CAT FREE home. He is NOT interested in crates or crate training. If
you can keep up with this active boy and give him a life full of energy
and love, we want to hear from you!