A Better English Setter Rescue
NAME:    Rymon        
BREED:  English Setter
COLOR:  Orange and White
AGE:      3 Years
SEX:      Male
SIZE/WEIGHT:  45 lbs.
Location: NJ
              NO CATS
Looking for an active family member? One that gets along with other dogs?
Do you want him to also be fiercely loyal, issue kisses on command, and keep
you warm on the couch on those chilly winter nights? Rymon is a sweet,
energetic boy. If you are looking for a jogging partner, he is your boy. Paced
bike riding? What about a companion to hike some trails or simply take a nice
long walk? This boy would benefit from exercise that requires mental focus!
Perhaps agility, barn hunting or even taking the time to train this boy to
hunt? (Rymon has a high prey drive and if someone took the time to train
him properly, he could be a true diamond in the ruff.) It does not matter to
him; he is up for any activity and ready to jump into action!  

More than just brawn, this handsome 3-year-old boy loves using his mind as
well. He enjoys solving any food games you can find, learning obedience
commands, and figuring out just where the next critter will emerge from.
Rymon requires room to run, so a dog park will provide that space if you do
not have a fenced yard. He also needs a home with 1 or 2 other doggie
siblings that can assist with his emotional support. He does play nicely with
other dogs but must be in a CAT FREE home.  

Rymon needs an adopter who is dog savvy with an active lifestyle and a
fondness for reward-based training. Perhaps one that might utilize doggie
daycare if they need to be gone during the day. Rymon was an owner
surrender for undetermined reasons. At first, he does present as an anxious
boy with a high prey drive but give him time to get comfortable and he will
steal your heart. Rymon’s unusually high prey drive when he is outside
makes it difficult to get his attention. Once he fixates on a critter, that is his
whole focus.  

English Setters are hunting dogs. Some are better than others, but
regardless of the dog, the groundwork has already been laid. In hunting,
there is a term that is used “Honoring a dog on point.” Basically, that means
if you have two dogs working the field and one stops on point, the other dog
also needs to stop or “honor the point” of the other dog. If the second dog
does not honor the point or steals the point (approaches or runs past the first
dog) a fight between both dogs could take place. The dog at fault is the one
that steals the point. Please keep that last sentence in mind as you read on…  

While on a walk with the other dogs in the home, Rymon was fixated on a
squirrel in a tree (he was on point). A neighbor approached Rymon (not
honoring the point/stealing the point) and extended their hand to pet him. In
true hunting fashion, Rymon gave a quick snap and he bit the neighbors
finger. This is an isolated incident since Rymon arrived in rescue in August.  
Even if Rymon is not the hunting dog of his dreams, he was startled, and the
startle reflex is a very real instinct for a dog. Please do not confuse reflexive
with aggressive.  

We did have Rymon evaluated by a professional and Rymon was determined
to be a non-aggressive dog. We also had bloodwork done to make sure there
was not a medical reason that caused this behavior. The bloodwork came
back perfect, but the vet did suggest (as well as the evaluator) putting
Rymon on some medication, so he is not so stimulated thus allowing his brain
to slow down a bit and allow him to be redirected. We are happy to furnish
the full evaluation for interested adopters.  

A fenced in yard would be nice, but do not allow it to be a babysitter. Rymon
needs interactive activities to share with his owner such as going for long
walks. He is NOT interested in crates during the day but does relax in it at
nighttime. If you would like to embrace life with Rymon and are willing to
give him a life full of interactive activities as well as patience and love, we
want to hear from you!