A Better English Setter Rescue
NAME:    Rymon        
BREED:  English Setter
COLOR:  Orange and White
AGE:      3 Years
SEX:      Male
SIZE/WEIGHT:  45 lbs.
Rymon is 3 years old, 45 pounds, and a great companion for
someone who likes to stay active by day and enjoys snuggles on the
couch by night. Currently, he is exercised 5+ miles a day along with
sprinting/hunting at the dog park for a good hour.  He is very
sweet, fun loving, full of energy and gets along well with other
dogs. Always eager to please and a quick learner, he loves to be
with his people.

We feel that Rymon would do best in a very large fenced in yard
with at least 40 minutes a day to go nuts getting his zoomies out of
his system. His favorite activities are running, hunting squirrels and
chipmunks, but he is just as excited to snuggle up with his person.
Rymon does not like being confined to a room or crate. He prefers
sleeping in the living room on the rug of his choice without any
issues and sleeps through the night.

Rymon is a sensitive dog that exhibited some anxious behavior in
the first few weeks and needs a patient home while adjusting to
home life. Due to his sensitive nature, a quieter home and
neighborhood without a lot of stimulation would be best considering
his high prey drive. He wants to play with every dog he meets and
takes their cues when they want their space. No issues with
resource guarding around food, people, toys or bones. Rymon has
great name recognition and recall for an English Setter of his age.