English Setters are a wonderful and good natured breed.  They make great family
pets; they are gentle, affectionate and intelligent.  They can be willful and will test
you at times! Even so, you will fall in love and those demanding times won't matter.
They have an easy nature and love to be with their people.

Their coats and nails require upkeep. Brushing daily or a few times a week will not
only keep their coats mat-free and shiny but will enhance that special "you and me
time."  Bathing and trimming can either be done at home or you can take them to a
groomer about every 6-8 weeks.
As puppies they need consistency, structure and are best trained with repetition,
praise and treats. Boredom can cause many problems; but, a tired puppy is a good
puppy. Training and exercise will not only bond you with your buddy in a fun way but
teach them the things they need to know.
Adult Setters are full of energy and do best with proper amounts of exercise. They
do not do well as kenneled or outside dogs. A very sensitive breed, they take
reprimands to heart, so it is best to train with positive methods only. When outside
their "bird dog" instincts can take over and we suggest that they remain leashed, in
a secure fenced yard or trained to an invisible fence system. It is often said that
English Setters are "on" outside and "off" inside where they become cuddly couch
potatoes. English Setters were bred to be Working Gun-dogs. With proper training
many of our dogs may be candidates for hunting, agility or other high energy
Once your Setter reaches that ever so sweet senior stage at about 8 or so
they slow down and their exercise needs will decrease. Don't be surprised
when your senior Setter gets those bursts of old energy and playfulness
when you least expect it.
Watch a video of Nahla and
Wrigley playing.  This is a
great example of typical
"Setter" play.
The English Setter
A Better English Setter Rescue is painfully aware of the
plight of both Senior Citizens and Senior Dogs. Seniors,
who want to adopt a rescued dog but can't afford the high
price; and dogs, who may be in their senior years but still
have a lot of love to give.

To help both these groups of "Seniors," ABESR has
developed the Patti's Seniors 4 Seniors Program, where
the adoption fees are greatly reduced for Seniors over 65
and Dogs 8 years and older.

Please feel free to contact us about this great program and
see if there may be a new "baby" in your future.
Patti's Seniors 4 Seniors