Occasionally we get what we call a 'special needs' dog. Some may only need daily medications while
others may be blind, deaf or have a physical handicap which may require some modifications.  
Most of these dogs go on to live perfectly normal, happy lives.  Together with their owners they learn
to adjust to their differences. Remember when you adopt a dog from A Better English Setter Rescue,
you  can always reach out to one of us to guide you along your way.

Some of these dogs have lived under the harshest, cruelest conditions without a gentle hand to caress
their face and look into their pleading eyes.  Your love for them will be rewarded by years of devotion,
loyalty, companionship and a heart felt thank you for letting them be part of your family.

Won't you please open up your home and heart to one of our special needs dogs so they too can have a
place to call home?
Seniors often wind up in rescue due to the death of their owner, their owner has moved into assisted living,
family situations have changed, or their owners are no longer able to care for them...

All they know is that their warm, loving world is gone and they don't know whom they
can trust anymore.

It's scary to think about taking in a senior; you know you're not going to have them for a long time but
senior love is the best there is!

A senior dog has low energy, wants a nice, warm place to lay, and good food. After those needs have been
met, they slowly learn to love again and you see their broken heart start to mend and they trust again!

In my house ...
They are amazed they can lie on the couch ... what joy!
They have a dog door and can go in and out as they please, even if it's just to bark at the moon :)
They have pet beds in every room so they can lie down in the same room I'm in.
They still enjoy playing with a squeaker and love treats, especially stinky fish treats :)
They love to remind me when it's time to feed them, even if they are one hour early.

So, Be Brave!

Modify your life and house to accommodate a senior. The joy and love you get back is so much more than
you can imagine and you will treasure every moment you have with them!
"I'm confused.  Where is my bed, home, parents?
Why am I here?
What happened to my happy life?
I'm scared."
Seniors & Special Needs
This program is for both Senior Citizens and Senior Dogs. Seniors have a lot of love to offer but are often
times overlooked due to their age.

To help both these groups of "Seniors" ABESR has developed the Patti's Seniors 4 Seniors Program, where
the adoption fees are greatly reduced for Seniors 65 and over and Dogs 7 years and older.

Please feel free to contact us about this great program and see if there may be a new "baby" in your
Patti's Seniors 4 Seniors
Special Needs