A Little of our History

Numerous years ago two sisters started a spay/neuter and transport program in Missouri,
MoStar. They would spay/neuter and then transport the animals out of Missouri to approved
rescue(s).  As time went on, contributions for the spay/neuter program became harder to collect
but they continued to transport the dogs. As they grew it became necessary to bring in more
approved groups and they started moving dogs from all over the eastern half of the country.

In early 2008, the founders of MoStar Transports began to back off from transporting and started
the migration of their contacts to Jane who renamed the group Above and Beyond Transports,
maintaining its own entity separate from any rescue organization.  Donna and Alan volunteered to
assist Jane with the transports then Caryn joined the team. Above and Beyond Transport's area of
coverage at this time is the eastern USA.
How Transports work

When we receive a request to move a Setter, either from a
shelter to a foster home or from a foster home to an approved
adopter, we open our mapping software and start a driver-relay
from the start to finish.  Each leg can be anywhere from 45 min
to 2 hrs.

We post our transport on the Internet utilizing many resources.
When the transport fills, we will send out an email to all of the
volunteers so that they can get in touch with those they are
meeting and decide on a location.  Once the transport is on the
road, we receive phone calls giving us time updates as well as
how the Setter is handling the trip. We hear everything from
'hold on tight this one is a puller' to 'they slept the whole time,'
'they were car sick' or perhaps 'they chewed through the leash.'
We share this information with the rest of the relay team so
they can be prepared. Most of our transports occur on
Saturdays and Sundays, occasionally we might ask for some
help during the week.
"Hi, my name is Wendy, a.k.a. Wink, and I am a transport-a-holic. One of my favorite
memories is Daisy now known as Casey. Daisy/Casey is an English Setter who had to be
moved immediately because her foster family was going on vacation. It was decided that
Daisy would fly from Oklahoma into Pittsburgh and I would keep her until her forever family
arrived home. At 8:00 am on a Monday morning I got a call from Carol, Daisy's adopting mom.
They were home so we arranged to meet that afternoon. I will NEVER forget that meeting.
I walked Daisy/Casey slowly over to them. They fell in love. I cried and Daisy/Casey jumped
up, put one paw on each of my shoulders, and gave me a look that said thank you. I watched
as Carmen & Carol walked her to their car. She turned her head to look at me one last time as I
gave her the thumbs up. This is truly what transporting is all about."
Written from one of the most Wonderful Transport Volunteers there ever was...
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Above & Beyond Transports
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