A Better English Setter Rescue
William now Gumbo
NAME:  William
BREED: English Setter
COLOR: Blue/White
AGE:    3 years
SEX:     Male
SIZE/WEIGHT:  45 lbs
William got his International Passport and flew into JFK with 3 other English Setters.
They were all dumped in the forest and were all super skinny
when they were found and rescued in Turkey.
They are very mellow, nice and love people.
William Turkey
William's foster home has decided they can't live
without him and will be adopting him.
William arriving at JFK getting a bite and a drink,
waiting on his foster family so he can start a new life.
William, who will now go by Gumbo, has been adopted.
He has a fur sibling Alumni Aston who name is now Muddy Roux.
Congratulations to Gumbo, Muddy Roux and mom and dad too!